Sign of the Times: Revealing the Drug Cartel and their “safe treatments”

The Land Rover travelled through Wedmore and on to the outskirts of Bristol. As it went, Zinc Cadmium Sulphide was sprayed into the air in an attempt to simulate germ warfare.

A line from a science fiction novel ? If only it were. This act took place in 1961 as part of a chemical/biological weapons teston perfectly unwitting victims. People who deserved to be treated like people, not laboratory animals. This is only one of the many atrocities like this that we know about. This mentality continues to this day. The pharmaceutical companies and their apologists continue to treat us like their laboratory animals. Like so many cocaine customers to use as experimental subjects for their next expensive product.

This is going on now. This is regularly ignored by those in denial or with their heads stuck in the sand or up their arse. Others stay quiet about it. Protecting themselves and loved one’s from possible attack AKA identical to the situation in Mexico. Global drug cartels running riot. Emptying their mags in an orgy of atrocities and violence. Piles of empty shell casings on the road.

This continues in Africa where “AIDS drugs” poison and maim people. Show the sceptical the label on the drug that even shows how toxic it is and you won’t get much of a response. Those people have been taken in by the pusher. Brainwashed by this drug syndicate cult into believing that torturing someone is “health”. This has become that lurid and disgusting and I know many can’t look at it. Who wants to look at a corpse ?

But despite the lurid atrocities paraded in front of us (an atrocity exhibition no less – thankyou J D Ballard) the very fact that they can be seen for what they are – and increasingly are – is a sign of massive change going on at the moment. It’s the same thing as the arab uprisings. As vision crystallises many thousands suddenly realise that they are sharing the same perception of the conditions that they find themselves in, and they realise that perception is REAL. So to those out their who might despair at the conditions they can see I say this. Trust in your fellow man and woman. When a shared vision becomes reality then heaven and earth are moved to create a better world.


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