Is it Just Me ? Unrealistic Assumptions by Palestine. Not showing the American Side of Things.

Is it just me ? Why are Palestine suddenly unrealistically asking for statehood simply because of an Arab Spring ? Yes, the way is more open but some incredibly obvious hurdles have been missed. The USA and Israel will not even consider statehood without specific condemnation of what they consider to be terrorist groups in Palestine. Groups that have caused awful terrorist bombings within Israel before. See here …

Background here …

Palestine need to prove that those groups have been reigned in. They would need to get them clearly condemned in something like a U.N. resolution. The USA and Israel would then consider statehood. They are not simply “the bad guys”. They certainly have their own abuses to answer for but that could be said about many countries, including the Palestine. It’s childish to think of all this as the poor Palestinians against the “evil” USA and Israel.

I think this is what the USA means when they talk about peace talks. They want to be sure that extremist groups have been silenced. Burning American flags and brandishing hate cartoons of Obama will only let all this continue for another 40 years.

But it seems clear, if the Palestinians get their statehood or not in the short-term, that much has shifted and that we are actually seeing a long term process at work moving towards resolution of this situation.


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