UK-OK ? England as Lord of the Flies Central

There’s a certain arrogance at work here. “It can never happen here” is the assumption when we mention Egypt or Libya and other Arab uprisings and protests. I don’t mean that there is necessarily a regime in this country (UK) that tortures with impunity or disappears people. It’s not as simple as that here (if that kind of thing is ever simple). A sort of clever commercialism of resistance has taken over. Here governments don’t oppress; it’s some of the people immediately around us that do. It’s white on white racism (the usual strain of racism not withstanding). A ghettoisation of pain. The assumption is that there is no way out. The victims, taught as they are a sort of child’s history of reductionism backed up with materialism; their pain becomes a commodity to be shuffled around the back street loan sharks as some kind of disgusting debt problem. In the social milieu it becomes exponentially more and more difficult to simply scream in pain. Pain has become identified as a “mental health problem”. Where once pain would illicit rushing people to your side now it illicits frightened stares and hurrying around the corner unless you happen to be lucky enough to be run over by a car or stabbed.

Long term abuse does not figure as an accident or incident worthy of physical empathic response. The pharmaceutical and eugenics interests have seen to that. They have to clear up their trail of broken life’s that they create as something that was created by the victim. To proceed directly to root causes would mean bringing up the very thing that is constantly whipped behind the curtain … the character structure of man and woman. We live in a world of either healthy, or unhealthy people. If a character structure erupts to the surface then that person then becomes “the problem”. The sea out of which that problems crawled is carefully ignored. For it is that sea that is made up of every drop of each person’s character structure. We really are co-creators and our consciousness is fused – ONE – with reality. Maybe it is this terrifying truth that so many spend a lot of time running around in circles avoiding. It’s interesting how modern materialistic reductionist science is obsessed with keeping consciousness as a phenomenon separated from reality. Look at how the work of Physicists like Tiller et. al. (Conscious Acts of Creation) has proven very well how mainstream science has got it wrong.

But who knows about Tiller ? This is like trying to uphold civilized behavior on the Lord of Flies island until that navy ship turns up.


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