A revealing quote from an NHS web page

NHS says: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/psychosis/Pages/Introduction.aspx

Psychosis versus psychopath

The term “psychosis” should not be confused with the term “psychopath”. The two conditions are very different.

Someone with psychosis has an acute (short-term) condition that, if treated, can often lead to a full recovery.

A psychopath is someone who has an incurable anti-social personality disorder,

I say: Excuse me ? So you mean to tell me that billion dollar industries are setup to treat people with “psychosis” based on very dubious detection methods. Combined with huge vested interests that skew psychiatric science towards identifying what is often trauma caused by psychopaths and abusers which becomes a lucrative source of income. So no toxic drugs for psychopaths. It’s simply “incurable”.

How odd.

But how very revealing.

Rest of NHS quote: which means that they:

  • lack the capacity for empathy (understanding how someone else feels)
  • are manipulative
  • often have a total disregard for the consequences of their actions

Unlike people with psychosis, people with an anti-social personality disorder can appear to act in a rational manner, which makes their condition hard to detect.


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