My take on the current situation

My take on the current situation. Historically we have been well overdue for such a change as we are seeing at the moment. In the track Forevergreen by Finitribe (a band that were on the same label as The Shamen) we heard about the lost dreams of “progress”. Visions of the future that were prevalent before 1939 of a world of green technologies and an open society that “somehow got lost along the way” as Finitribe put it. Now that world is a realistic vision and is actually coming into reality as we can see by examining such projects as Breathrough-Technolgies. Solar power. Wind power. Tidal power. I suspect we are close to a replacement for chemical rockets as well if you are into space exploration. As well as a replacement for the petrol engine which is well overdue. There is already a navigation system for small green personal flying craft that could move us beyond reliance on tarmacked roads. But beyond the technology there is a much greater reality happening here. A social revolution.

This is historical but it’s also, hopefully without getting “kooky” as the Americans say, part of cosmic evolution. Would this social revolution happen anyway ? Yes. But I can’t ignore what I started feeling when I travelled in Mexico in the early 90’s. I visited the Mayan sites and felt this unbelievable feeling of a much greater organism at work. The Universe. A conscious universe. The Maya still know this, just as we know that flour and yeast goes together to make bread. It’s a self evident practical reality to them as common place as the wind or rain. The Maya formulated a sort of cosmic weather forecast that predicted this entire ~50 period around 2012. I don’t pretend to talk for the Maya. But I do know a lot about how nature works and how we are fundamentally embedded in a conscious Universe from a person in their house, to that house contextualised in it’s local ecology. To the local district embedded in regional geology and ecology. Right up to the Planet in solar ecology. Solar system in local galactic ecology and environment, and Galaxy in cosmic natural environment. It’s kind of very self evident, but years of very reductionist (splitting into parts) thinking has skewed our thinking away from this very natural way of being in reality. Just as the sun comes up in the morning the Maya seem to have forecast a cosmic morning when the galactic core “comes up” over the plane of the ecliptic around about the year 2012. This appears to match with space weather activity over the previous decades and changes in the Sun.

How does this effect us ? Well here comes the difficult part for those raised in a system that divides their consciousness from the reality around them. “We” are not stuck in our heads. Consciousness is sort of a distributed phenomenon that is both “one” and individuality simultaneously (no dualism here). What does this mean ? I’m talking about a change in consciousness as a result of natural cosmic changes. Of course there are millions of other little factors, not to mention individual endeavor that is not necessarily tied to such cosmic phenomena (freedom / independent action). But this change is simply not being tracked by traditional materialist/reductionist culture and science that, ironically (considering my opening piece here) are stuck in the idea of “progress” and linear progression of history. As Chaos Science shows us, natural phenomena, including humans, are made up of unpredictable events that, although ordered in some way, simply cannot be predicted. It’s that old stalwart of human existence … unexplored territory. NASA and the space enthusiasts should be happy. They sometimes decry that there “is no where else left to explore” … “no where is to go” … but here we are exploring time . In fact our idea of what time is is possibly changing. Twentytwelvers look for the unexpected in unexpected places. We do indeed live in extraordinary times. This is the time to take out those “not possible” vision plans that you have filed away. Anything is possible.

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