Fascism Left Over After the End of the Second World War

As a former abuse victim I see this. The Eugenics and Fascist forces prevalent before WW2 are still with in some ways. This is covered in War Against the Weak by Black where he shows that the strain of Eugenics practiced in 30’s and 40’s Germany was by no means a singular phenomenon. Eugenics was practiced in America and the UK as well as other countries. It only came to it’s hideous worst expression in 40’s Germany. As the Rath Foundation shows the Oil and Drug (chemical) interests that were involved in part of the war machine – I G Farben, an industrial conglomerate – were never bought to justice. That is why the Rath Foundation and survivors of Aushwitz are calling for a second Nuremberg Trial. The modern expression of these Fascist forces has partly been responsible for pathologising the trauma that abuse victims suffer from. The treatment of those “disorders” has turned into a global, multi billion dollar investment business that exploits victims of abuse. It has become common to drug abuse victims with drugs that cause massive memory loss, therefore covering up actions of abusers. The drugs also create dependence and other diseases for the Oil/Drug cartel to exploit ruthlessly. NAPAC – the National Association for People Abused in Childhood – have confirmed to me that they are aware that abusers use the mental health system to silence abusers.

So, dear reader, where is our abuse victim in all this ? There is very good support available out there if you can find it. Often from independent organisations run by people with zero connections to the vested interests of the Oil/Drug cartel. But for a victim that has had an abuser use the so called “mental health” system to silence them there is a problem. That way of maligning someone’s character is used to keep victims or survivors away from help. Under our countries laws (UK) a victim/survivor has the right to be protected under the Harassment Act and other laws. But in my experience it is actually very difficult to ask for protection under those laws if you have a mental health record. I have been getting away from an abuser for over a decade and it was only in the last few weeks that I was even informed about the Harassment Act.

I do hesitate to identify the people involved in this as “Fascists” per se (health workers and law enforcement). It’s an over used word and brings up visions of tanks and people in scary uniforms. When I us the word Fascist I’m thinking in terms of the character structure; the psychology that creates Fascistic forces. There are also many that are simply innocently swept up in these forces. There is no better place to learn about this than in Wilhelm Reichs’ book The Mass Psychology of Fascism. Reading that would go a long way to neutralising the ignorance that seems to permeate this issue. What is extraordinary here is the way that what appears to be a “conspiracy theory” on the surface is used to silence victims. Much of what I’m saying here can be used by the mental health system to diagnose symptoms of “paranoia” or “bizarre thoughts and ideas”, especially if there is still an abuser on the scene adept at feeding misinformation to health workers or law enforcement. So reader beware. This all seems to be a case of ignorance on the part of the public and workers. Many people are not informed about just how dangerous an abuser with possibly full blown psychopathy (pronounced psy-“COP”-athy) or psychopathic tendencies can be. That’s why I recommend Aftermath and their radio show that comes out of the University of California. An abuse victim or abuse survivor will quickly recognise the truth of the behavior that they describe. The awareness of that behavior does not seem to have reached this country yet, but with all the talk of “U.S. style policing” and other related matters, it can only be a matter of time before this very useful – and protective – criminal science reaches this country.

Stay safe. Peace.


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