What We Should Learn From Gaddaffi’s Death

It took a lot of people to believe in and put power into the hands of Gaddaffi. This is, of course, possibly the truth that no one wants to hear. It is rarely stated in relation to Hitler for example. Yet, this is how these characters come to power due to the Fuhrer, or “leader” complex. The desire to have a protective Father figure, often in harsh times, when society is having trouble holding itself together. The cure, the solution, the answer to the Fuhrer complex syndrome is to work on personal character structure. This is where changing the self really is THE revolution. The work of Freud and Reich proves that our faulty character structure is what has got manipulated thousands of times now, dragging all of us into damaging violence, hatred and cynicism. We’d be idiots now to ignore the lessons of history – especially those of the Twentieth Century. Angry, self-obsessed teenagers have to grow up and out grow their parents and their protection. We can look after ourselves and The Universe is a calling.

One thought on “What We Should Learn From Gaddaffi’s Death

  1. If I learned anything from Gaddaddi’s death is that a single person can damage an entire nation, through fear and propaganda. Watching the people of Tunisia rise in delight and happiness reminded me of the ending of a Star Wars film. Something I thought I would never witness in my life time.

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