Huge News ! UN cultural body admits Palestine as full member despite US threat to cut off tens of millions of dollars in funding.

Ahmed Yousef, a Hamas official and the deputy foreign minister in Gaza, called it a “great achievement” and said the vote “shows that Israel and America are not dictating politics to the world anymore”.

The world is shifting and there is not a damn thing the creators of misery and confusion can do about it. Good riddance to all the pests that have used lies and contradictions for the last 40 years to create what was an atmosphere of intransigence and cynicism in the world. And I mean on both sides … USA/Israel AND the regimes that set themselves against USA/Israel !

Their worst nightmare is coming true. The world is sorting out its problems. Going straight. Dropping its addictions and lack of self belief. The victim has become the survivor. From zero to hero. With no vulnerable one’s left for bullies to manipulate those bullies are left standing exposed for everyone to see. They can no longer promise people “the better world you want in your dreams” if you trust them … because that world is now coming true. It is center stage and the human race is more than ready to create and take what is simply a functioning world based on simple, practical solutions. Amen !

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