A Message for Serious Initiates

After decades of truth seeking, I have worked out that information about ‘The End Times’ has been recorded in all the world’s religions, and retained by indigenous and small esoteric groups. Basically, it refers to what happens at various points in the Earth’s precessional cycle that overall takes about 26,000 years. This means that all the doom and fearmongering is actually based on a certain reality, but the meaning and details have been generally lost. As far as I understand it, massive evolutionary change to the environment of Earth and major astronomical events occur, but the fate of mankind is determined by the overall spiritual state of mankind. This is explained in my essay The Greatest Transition and I would be interested in any other author who has written on this subject that could provide the same level of clarity. As far as I am concerned, the Catholic Church did the Christian world a disservice by not refering to the return of ‘Christ’ energies, but in reality, the serious ‘Initiates’ would of course know that. So, if you look at the history of these profits prophets of doom, you will note that whipping people up with tales of God’s judgement is very common, but very very few properly explain how and why mankind are destined for judgement and how we can tell what the likely outcome is this time for the whole of mankind today. To cut a long story short, I think we are on a rocky road to a completely transformed world, a Paradise to host humans of a higher level of consciousness. The stress will be due to the refusal by the old guard to cooperate with Universal Intelligence and change the way we do business on this planet to one that is in harmony with planetary intelligence.

Susanrennison.com, News of the Imbalance  Best of the Blog – The Maya, The Mayan Calendar, Indigenous Wisdom & 2012 – “Loose Christian Movement Says End of Days in May 21, 2011”

Loved that. The Rennison strikes again ! Listen to her and people like her. Don’t miss these momentous times !

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