An inherent “goody goody” atitude from some people – the minority talked about in the Paradise Made in Hell book ?

An inherent “goody goody” attitude from some people – the minority talked about in the Paradise in Hell book ?

> The unexamined self. They think they are inherently “good” and therefore neither question their own intentions or others.
> They do not check knowledge perceived to be “right” and become aggressive and dismissive when challenged.
> They become paralysed in the face of evil and are those people who stand by while evil acts happen.
> They are the one’s who believe the lie of the “observer effect” and use it to justify the “freedom” of people ignoring obvious abuses because it is their “freedom” that should be protected first.
> This is political correctness gone insane where obscure “rights” of the individual must be held up first even if that  means allowing gross and evil acts to occur.
> Obvious identification-response-solve actions are lost in a toxic cloud of relativity where the world is trapped in a “well it’s you opinion” madness that totally ignores the reality of attack-abuse-destroy activity of the “mental health” system. Any stating if actual abuses is cast off by the reaction of “do you feel better now you’ve stopped the treatment”.
> Treatments are held in a relativistic universe where actual poisons, toxins and deaths are simply part of some civil society miasma of “ideas”.
> This leads to the conclusion that some people are better off treated as collaborators with a very evil system much like the members  of Vichy France in NAZI occupied Germany citing their belief in a “better world” that is suited to France’s future.
> Although the freedom and ideas of an individual must be held as sacred that approach can and is being abused. At what point does a belief and “freedom” simply become toxic and evil ?
> What we seeem to be dealing with is a sort of meme thought infection where the vector of assumptions enters a mind absolutely and takes up residence there. The individual is unaware they have been taken up as a host for some very evil ideas, not unlike home PC’s  being hijacked by malware viruses and then being used to send out toxic spam to as many email addresses as possible.
> Has this thought form taken on a life of it’s own ? This idea is not as bizaare as it might seem. The work of many people has shown that far from being wispy unmeasurable things, thoughts and emotions directly effect reality in a physical form not unlike gravity. Most people have heard of brain waves or lie detectors, but the human body and consciousness is tied into reality in profound   ways that Science is only just discovering and which often validates Ancient beliefs and discoveries.
> The “mental health” problem is a form of “magical thinking” where the annihilation of the individual under assumed “care” automatically creates the world where everyone with a “mental health problem” is “cared for”. This is the ultimate problem-“cure”-problem-solved wish fulfillment. Where even murders and suicides are somehow written into this “care” model without many asking why there are so many suicides and  deaths in a system that is supposed to “help”.
> If this barrier is penetrated then the old excuses are wheeled out. “It’s a complicated area”. “Mental health diseases are not understood”. Or that old chestnut … “we tried to help them, this is very tragic”.
> This is the Reichian Emotional Plague gone insane. Extreme and unfaced societal problems like wars fought in our name.

Another note from 2010.


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