Thunderbolts Project Personal Report from David Talbott

Thought I’d republish this as its very interesting.

Subject:     Thunderbolts Project Personal Report from David Talbott
From:       “Dave Talbott”
Date:        Sat, November 19, 2011 3:45 am
To:           Barney Holmes”

Watching the calendar rush ahead as we complete essential plans for the upcoming conference in Las Vegas, Electric Universe 2012—the Human Story, January 6-8…

One question we’ve received concerns the overall tone and content of the event:

Will the conference be primarily for scientists and experts with advanced training? Or will it be for general audiences?

The event is designed for both expert and general audiences alike, but with every effort being made to communicate key content at a readily understandable level. Perhaps a few exceptions should be expected, but the presentations as a whole are for an intellectually curious crowd drawn to the power of a new paradigm. No advanced degrees required!

When we launched the Thunderbolts Project several years ago, the goal was to advance the core concepts of the Electric Universe paradigm without ever becoming dependent on governmental or traditional institutional support. Broad support from the public requires effective communication with people from all walks of life.

At the same time we resolved to cultivate every possible opening to confidential discussion with experts in wide-ranging disciplines. In most contexts, for reasons most readers will surely understand, the communication has remained strictly confidential. This strategic component is now beginning to pay off in extraordinary ways, and individuals with the highest level of experience in the sciences will be present at the conference as observers.

One thing is clear from recent developments. The Electric Universe is rapidly gaining ground, and the gains are occurring precisely where concrete advances are most important to us. Until very recently I myself did not realize that, at the top of the scientific fields affected by the Electric Universe paradigm, many of the best experts are already in private conversation with each other about our work. A surprising number agree that the profile of theoretical science is going to change—and soon—with a radical turn toward the Electric Universe.

One major theme leading the way in 2012 will be the Thornhill-Scott hypothesis of the Electric Sun, with its emphasis on two testable and provable tenets: 1) solar behavior cannot be understood apart from the Sun’s external electrical environment, and 2) the “mysterious” influence controlling variable solar output (showing up most profoundly at the highest frequencies) is a transistor-like action at the solar surface. In other words, without the benefit of electrical engineers and experts on energetic glow discharge phenomena, officials guiding solar exploration will continue to ask the wrong questions.

It should be obvious to all that if the Sun is responding to the external movement of charge, the window is permanently opened to the Electric Universe, from macrocosmic currents to comet behavior and planetary instability in an earlier phase of solar system history. On issues of this sort public enthusiasm and support will be essential. The the key concepts are not obscure or difficult to grasp.

Additionally, the ability of the new paradigm to re-inspire the space age and to reinvigorate a broad spectrum of education—now in a grave decline—becomes increasingly apparent every year. Our culture as a whole is desperate for answers outside the confines of traditional institutions. All ideological authority is in decline. My own talk at the opening Friday evening, “Seeking the Third Story,” will address this very issue from a new vantage point on human history and the future of science.

Lastly, a reminder for everyone who may have postponed a decision on whether to attend this event. Please don’t let the calendar catch you by surprise: early-bird registration for the conference will be closing tomorrow (November 19). And please don’t underestimate the value of your participation to our overall momentum in the coming year.

David Talbott
Mikamar Publishing

2315 SE Wren St.
Milwaukie, OR

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