Pharma/Psychiatric Control is WW2 Plan B – Military Insurgency on Society Using Chemical Weapons

I’ve known this for a long time but it was only this morning that I could FEEL the connection. I was lying there half asleep feeling the damage done to my body by toxic pharma drugs. Then everything I know about WW2 came into my mind. The history, personal accounts, goose stepping NAZI’s. The two FELT the same. The same thing. This is the confirmation I had been looking for. Then Winning by John Barry was suddenly on the radio. Talk about Synchronicity ! I think Jung said that moments of Synchronicity mark important moments.

The other thing that tipped the balance is the small matter of Smedley Butler. In the early 30’s he was approached by rich industrialists who wanted him to head an armed coup against Roosevelt. This was at the same time of Hitlers rise to power in Germany. In fact Hitler was backed by many industrialists, many of them in Wall Street (see the history of I G Farben). What Butler uncovered and stopped was THE attempted Fascist takeover of the United States by the same people who believed that Hitler “was quite a nice guy actually”. This does not figure with many conspiracy theorists assumption that the United States has already been taken over by Fascists. That may be true in some areas but the USA is far from an enslaved nation. In fact it has more problems with corruption due to narco dollars – cocaine coming over the border and guns going south. Anyway I digress.

No. WE did actually win the war. Millions gave their lives and the world would be a far worse place to live in if millions had not fought and won against Fascism.

But the Fascists had a Plan B up their sleeve.

If the control of society cannot be achieved through overt military conquest then the option they chose as their Plan B was control of the mind. Of consciousness. In fact the attempted total obliteration of human resistance and spirit by chemical means. The Plan B would be self financing. By creating endless illnesses with their toxic chemicals a state of dependence would be setup. A sick misunderstanding would be deliberately fostered. That their toxic chemicals are the “cure” for disease and not ACTUALLY THE CAUSE OF IT. In military terms this is an insurgency happening in society using chemical weapons. An insurgency against Freedom and The People. Those forces that Fascists always despise.

So instead of Tanks and Stuka’s, Plan B consists of Chemicals and Lies. A combined arms strategy of chemical weapons and misinformation. A deadly combination of killer chemicals and lies that say “take these they are safe”.

This is not a trivial matter. It has taken me many years to confirm, at least in my own mind and soul, that there is much credence to what I’m saying here. If I was not more than 99% sure that there is something worth looking at here I simply would not say it. This kind of information is just too serious to go mouthing off about if there’s not a damn good reason to. Maybe just taking this seriously is a start. I hope people will look at this honestly as it’s something I’ve uncovered from first hand experience. The whole thing bothers me, but we live in changing times where the most unexpected abuses have been uncovered and tackled so I live in hope.


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