Wolfenstein: The Blazkowicz Diaries, Part One: Psychiatric Control Mechanisms

Hi. My name is William “B.J.” Blazkowicz. You won’t of read about any my missions in official histories of WW2. As I sit here by the fire smoking my cigar I have a letter sitting in font of me from MI6 and the CIA. It seems a government work group have released me from my silencing order. What I saw in WW2 was to remain secret for nine hundred and ninety nine years. That’s what it said on the order I was given in 1941.

I don’t expect many to believe what I write here. In the field we just got on with the job. The NAZI’s were the enemy, whatever weapons they were using. But it seems that my job was never completed. Maybe what I write here can help other soldiers like me bring this sorry episode to and end once and for all. You are young enough to drop disbelief and just fight this thing like we did in the 40’s. After all, me and my compatriots were all young men then in those strange days of the nineteen forties, like you are now. We found the steel to fight something that shouldn’t exist, so maybe people like you now can find that same steel in todays world.

We shut down the SS Paranormal Division. But some of their discoveries lived on. Our research after the war showed that certain NAZI elements had passed on their research to the Pharmaceutical companies. This was research showing how to use certain chemicals to place control mechanisms in the mind and bodies of a new class of victims for the modern day version of the NAZI’s. A “frequency based technology” are the words that I believe my unit’s research professor used. The weapon was also trigger based. Once a victim had the chemicals put into them through the use of certain seemingly “legitimate medications” the control mechanisms were put in place by the frequency of the chemicals altering the subjects DNA. With a simple trigger command – a word, phrase or noise, the subject would find themselves having breathing troubles. Not bad enough to notice, but enough to make thinking impossible. They would slowly become starved of oxygen and not even know it. There were also more horrific effects that could be triggered. Like a powerful desire to cause injuries to oneself or even to commit suicide. It was not just what has become to be called “Psychiatric medications” that has this technology in it. The SS Paranormal Division research also leaked into other chemical treatments for Cancer, AIDS and many other diseases.

The part of this that I believe the SS Paranormal Division became most interested in were the so called “hallucinations”. I believe that they thought that their subjects were actually seeing “demons”. They probably believed these demons to come from the Black Sun Dimension. I saw subjects effected by this control in the 40’s. They would see things that no one else could see … possibly a similar kind of awareness that I experienced in The Veil. They would also respond to noises that no one else could hear. Black Sun Dimension, or not, these effects gave the SS Paranormal Division the control of of subjects that they were looking for. There were also other NAZI factions that were interested in this technology.

To be honest I don’t know what my superiors are thinking declassifying this material. I would have left it in some dusty archive where it belonged. But if there’s even a chance that I did not end this NAZI project in the 40’s then I feel I have to tell the world what I’ve seen. In the 40’s I gunned and blew up this threat, no questions asked. But in todays world, knowledge and understanding are used to solve problems. We now have an International Criminal Court. In the 40’s I would have shot these NAZI scum with no bother to my conscience. Now they need to be put on trial for what they have done to perfectly innocent people in the name of “health” or “care”. Their smoke screen and cover for their plan is the medical system where they can put down any of these hideous control mechanisms to “effects”. I fought for a better world in the 40’s. Todays people are no less deserving of their right to freedom and liberty,

B.J. Blazkowicz

(with thanks to the creators of the Wolfenstein video game series)


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