Initial Documentation of Recovery From Neuroleptics After Initial Stage One Natural Health Treatments

Stage 2 recovery from neuropletic drug poisoning.

Assumes initial recovery of endocrine (hormonal) and Serotonin re-uptake system (this MUST be done first !).

Neuroleptics come out of a history of Eugenics (Black) and human experimentation (Nuremberg trials). They are extremely nasty systemic poisons.

The psychosurgery violation of so called “mental patients” completely ignores established treatments for trauma and emotional problems in both the allopathic and natural health communities.

The psychosurgery basically follows the same model as so called “chemotherapy” Cancer treatment. The “mental illness” is treated like a Cancer. For example Zyprex/Olanzapine has Manitol as one of it’s so called “inactive” ingredients. This allows passage of the toxins across the blood brain barrier.

This causes brain damage. Damage to Central Nervous System along with general damage to organs and the body.

Neuroleptics are actually massive anaesthetics (pain killers). They are usually given to people with some kind of traumatic or emotional problem. If the person has also had their liberty taken away by being forcibly put in an institutional prison they will be being subjected to human rights abuses, mistreatments and behavior modification techniques. Some of these techniques were learnt from military interrogation techniques. Psychologists and Psychiatrists are known to work with the military and government (for example notice their involvement in “special rendition” and Guantanamo Bay). Also see some evidence.

This means that due to the pain killing effects of the drugs that massive amounts of pain are not consciously felt. The natural health community has shown that unfelt pain is laid down in tissues and needs to be released. Reich called this armouring and this can in of itself cause emotional problems and other health problems.

The overall intention of these drugs appears to be to put the person in a permanent state of neural seizure. This means that the person can be walking around in what is known as a Dissociative State where they are outside of their body and abstracted from their feelings and thoughts.

This seizure can be made worse by abusers or unhelpful medical personnel. It can also be misunderstood as being symptoms of a so called “mental health disorder” leading to risk of being forcibly drugged yet again.

Five years of recovery using natural health treatments can heal a lot of this damage but this seizure problem can be left due to remaining physical damage. Seizures are also related to trauma, emotional problems and shock from mistreatment in the so called “mental health system” and due to preexisting trauma (child abuse for example). This is known as “Functional Neurology” in the allopathic system.

A Hint of the Solution for Second Stage Recovery

Pain management. Burns victims sometimes have to use virtual reality when they are having their dressings changed. This has been shown to reduce pain by around 60%. The patient wears a VR headset showing a game based in a cold environment (throwing snow balls, snowmen). The same thing is possible with this neuroleptic problem using video games. There is a problem with the body/consciousness handling and releasing pain due to it being locked up in tissues. It was not felt at the time it was there (when being drugged, being mistreated in an institutional prison, or the disruption of handling preexisting pain from some kind of childhood trauma or adult injustice, etc) due to the pain blocking nature of neuroleptics. So a backlog of pain remains.

General natural health pain treatments can be used like Cherry, Willow Bark and Boswellia. But do these risk preventing proper release of the pain ?

Video Games can be used to reduce the pain – as shown by research into the use of VR for burns victims.

What other methods are there ?

Is the seizure / disassociation simply neural overload due to too much pain ?

Are neurons simply damaged or is there simply a big pain backlog ?

Can natural health treatments for hidden pain due to surgery be used here ?

Change of neural net structures into hierarchal structures

(images and details needed from site)

Biology organises in fractal NON-HIERARCHAL forms. Information is handled from the bottom up. Energy/information stored as electrochemical signals in the brain/brain stem and heart behaves in the same ways shown to exist throughout nature by Chaos math. However there is a clue here about what Zyprexa/Olanzapine and other neurolepetics do; they damage/restructure neural nets into “square” based arrangements. Non-fractal. Is this why I now have trouble thinking clearly about Open Source projects ? I used to approach them in a totally chaotic non-organised way. Now I notice I sometimes catch myself looking for the “leader” of the project. This is no coincidence. These drugs are very good at crushing a round peg into the square hole of global corporations and “Borg” think. This is another key to second stage recovery: concentrate on reintegration into authentically human cultural society.


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