Pharmaceutical Chemical Technology As “Source Code Obfuscation”

What is this a William Gibson novel ?

(A’hem … what did you think he was writing about ?)

I was reading about the XBox and the way the BIOS security was cracked in a few months to allow modding of the console and I had a bit of an epiphany. Many security systems (to prevent tampering, etc. Hiding of purpose and so on) use Code Obfuscation. The code is deliberately scrambled (but it still makes sense to the compiler) and routines take circuitous routes and use bizarre logic in order to confuse and mislead the cracker or hacker. This is what was used in the XBox in order to “protect it”. It was bypassed in a few months. So bare that in mind when you read the next few paragraphs.

This is what Pharmaceuticals do ! They obscure and obfuscate their own purpose. Not just in the marketing speak used but also in the actual chemical technology use in them. Technology no different in an intellectual or conceptual way from and iPad or iPhone or any other form of technology. The specification sheet for the drug Zyprexa/Olanzapine lists Manitol as one of it’s “inactive” ingredients (this in the wafer version of the drug). Manitol is far from inactive and is actually used to allow the toxic drug to pass through the blood/brain barrier into neurons. I suspect this obfuscation is also going on with the chemical structure of the the pharmaceutical itself and is probably not isolated to psychiatric pharmaceuticals. The chemical madness we have been subjected to is far from anything to do with health. The word Eugenics cannot be mentioned. Ayn Rand rants about clearing out the unwanted and reducing populations violently are politically incorrect. So why have someone snooping around your code noticing what you’re really up to ? Obfuscation lad ! Do you think these guys are complete idiots !?

“Oh and by the way, our drugs are intended to create genocide and solve the population crisis…”

No ! This is not conducive to the profits of respectable pharmaceutical companies and leads to embarrassing encounters in the board room, or even worse in front of pithy reporters on the nine’o’clock news.

We don’t put up with cars with hidden purposes or iPads that send all your contacts to everyone or even Xbox’s that can’t be modded. So why put up with pharmaceuticals that obfuscate their purpose and even the “code” of how they are altering and poisoning your body ?

Ayn Rand

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