Mechanism of Re-traumatisation and Control use in Domestic Abuse/Child Abuse/psychiatry

Well here’s something for 2012.

Last night I nailed this “voices” problem. The Hearing Voices Network and other support for people “hearing voices” have not got this right (at least, not that I know of).

I sometimes get a persistent memory loop of a loved one cycling around. This is no hallucination but is an actual memory repeating away. I now know the mechanism of how this is laid down. It happens when being traumatised or brutalised in a Domestic Abuse situation or other injustive/human rights abuse. The memory gets laid down badly due to the trauma and turns into a sort of loop. I could clearly remember where and how this happened. The loop/memory of my loved one was not because they were mistreating me (that was another family member), it was simply laid down due to being in an abusive situation in general.

Now, I have to do some research on this. There may be studies or scientific papers out there about this. But for now I need to reveal an important second part of this blog post.

I already had problems with these neural loop “voices” from a Domestic Abuse situation. But I have seen the same problem created by the psychiatric system. By the way I was taken to those guys as an attempt by my mis-treater to silence me speaking out against the abuse. In these horrific places we call “psychiatric institutions” people are put through the most perverse forms of brutalisation.

1. The original reason for their trauma (or other emotional/psychological problem) is totally ignored. This re-victimises people in and of itself.

2. They are given highly toxic drugs damaging to brain and body. These drugs are also psychedelic in nature (see the work of Ann Blake Tracy).

3. They are brutalised by being locked up. Their liberty is taken away. They are treated like criminals even though they have committed no crime. Outrageously they are even treated as “dangerous” when it is an injustice or abuser that is dangerous to them !

Now do you see what I’m getting at here ? While all this brutalisation is going on who is talking at you ? Who is acting out their perverse ways of treating perfectly normal people ? Who is justifiying these abuses by their silence and their insane belief in their “care”and “help”. Yes, the employees in whatever institution torture chamber that this is going on in. So exactly as happens in Domestic Abuse or Child Abuse the awareness of the voice of the mis-treater gets turned into a neural loop or mis-laid down memory that haunts the victim (and, I might add,  possibly the voice of innocent parties that may have been speaking around the time the mistreatment took place, just like my loved one above). This insures that there is a control mechanism there that constantly justifies the horrific abuse in the mind of the victim as “normal”. These neural loops transmit the attitude of the mistreaters at the time; that “it is your fault”, that “you are the one with a problem”. QED ?

By the way, this model of disease mongering is not isolated to psychiatry. It is their same one trick pony … cause some hypothetical “disease” and then ram it down the throat of the victim. This happens with HIV/AIDS where people are told that “they have a disease” and then are piratically forced to ingest highly toxic, killer, drugs (no choice of treatment is given). But as was revealed in Natural News Radio there are hundreds and thousands of people out there who “have HIV/AIDS”) who are perfectly healthy individuals without any drugs. They use natural treatments to recover from any drug usage or preexisting (actual) health problem.

This is a huge scandal. the medical literature documents all sorts of legitimate health problems and how to treat them safely without almost (or in many cases actually) killing someone. Not only that but we seem to be seeing around a 100 years of research into the effects of trauma being used, not for good, but for a terrible evil. To re-traumatise and control, and as a way to create life long customers for expensive drugs, and a political though reform system to boot.

So if you see this scandal breaking out in the next few years, don’t be surprised. It’s been here all along.

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