Natural News Radio is Great. But What is it with Mike Adams ?

What is it with Mike Adams ? What he has done for the natural health community is amazing but what I just heard on Natural News Radio really shocked me. Actually I think Natural News Radio is taking on a life of it’s own. It’s no longer dependent on Mike Adam’s. I hope he continues to thrive … but …

What shocked me ?

Well Mike talked about a “thin blue line” (not his words, I paraphrase) in this radio segment. He proposed that crime would spiral out of control if the cops fail to their job.


This is just repeating a KEY piece of propaganda and control by corrupt authority. The idea that society will fall apart without them. It is simply not true. Rebecca Solnit showed this in her book … A Paradise Made in Hell. When the doo doo hit’s the fan people spontaneously organise and protect one another. They don’t become powerless victims to crime. Of course there’s always a few opportunists who will try and take advantage of an extreme situation … but in her book Solnit shows … over and over, case after historical case, that people powerfully organise in these situations. In earthquakes and other disasters. Look at Japan. A recent disaster. I don’t see gangs of criminals roaming the streets there. Mike’s analysis does not follow ! The dystopian / Mad Max breakdown scenario is actually a myth. Most people will powerfully and often quite cleverly mitigate criminal or psychotic elements.

As worrying is Mike’s gleeful predictions of breakdown and people having to leave cities. He mentioned an EMP burst (as an example) destroying all infrastructure. He says this while laughing ? He talks about “those who won’t make it”. He sounds happy and glad that those human beings who happen to believe in chemicals or corrupt wars will be “wiped away” (my words, not his, but that was the implication).

I for one am deeply disturbed by this kind of talk. Where is God’s mercy ? Where is the Good Samaritan ? Where is Forgiveness ? It ain’t here. I wonder if Mike has given into hatred. That would probably come from hanging around with people like Icke or the nutjobs (sorry, but it’s true) that run conspiracy websites like Prison Planet.

Mike, come back to us !

Don’t give into hate !

This is not a “them and us” situation !

Kick out your “friends” who want to make you fight “an enemy”.

My friend …. there is no enemy.


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