Caduceus, Exorcisms and Abuse Survival

There seems to be something missing in the context of traditional Judeo Christian religion when it comes to someone’s exposure to evil.

As an abuse survivor I have had to face all sorts of trials on my path of recovery. One of them I have been aware has come very close to Judeo Christain descriptions of “Satanic Possession”. This is actually a very interesting field if one works in the area of the research of M Scott Peck. But the pitfalls are many. Look at this article for example and it is immediately obvious how exorcisms can be misused and lead to all sorts of misunderstandings.

One of these is the Judeo Christain bias against the occult and witches. Look at this description …

The signs listed in the Ritual are limited to the most spectacular manifestations of possession, such as the ability to speak or understand unknown languages perfectly, to know the hidden and the remote or to demonstrate a superhuman physical strength.

Discernment and help for the possessed: part 2  Common misconceptions about possession…

I suspect these manifestations were indeed actually witnessed, because what are they (Radin fans)  ? … Yes .. Siddhis ! These are the same phenomena that are reported by Yogi’s. They are usually simply a distraction on the road to perfection. The central meaning of the word Siddhi is attainment or “be true to thyself”. However these phenomena can be very real indeed. They can also occur in what is known (possibly more in the West) as a Kundalini Rising. The rising and activation of very deep gravitic and electrical body energies. They are actually sexual energies. So I wonder what is actually happening in the exorcism. Are enormous of amounts of locked down/blocked sexual energies being released (this is rather ironic seeing as we’re dealing with the Catholic Church here) ? This would match very well with the work of Reich and many others. They identified a key facet of Fascism and therefore of evil itself as being the disruption of sexual energies. I also wonder if this is the key that Peck was missing ? Symbolically this would be the healthy sexual balance of the Cuduceus (two geometrically intertwining spirals of snakes) versus the more Greek message of the Medusa myth … sexual/snake energies gone horribly wrong and used for evil. What do you think ?


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