The Truth ? You Can’t Handle the Truth ! The Biological and Chemical Weapon (WMD’s) Terrorism of Mankind.

Deadly Cultures, Biological Weapons since 1945 (2006), Mark Wheelis, Lajos Rózsa, Malcolm Dando.

The threat of biological weapons has never attracted as much public attention as in the past five years. Current concerns largely relate to the threat of weapons acquisition and use by rogue states or by terrorists. But the threat has deeper roots–it has been evident for fifty years that biological agents could be used to cause mass casualties and large-scale economic damage. Yet there has been little historical analysis of such weapons over the past half-century.
Deadly Cultures sets out to fill this gap by analyzing the historical developments since 1945 and addressing three central issues: Why have states continued or begun programs for acquiring biological weapons? Why have states terminated biological weapons programs? How have states demonstrated that they have truly terminated their biological weapons programs?
We now live in a world in which the basic knowledge needed to develop biological weapons is more widely available than ever before. Deadly Cultures provides the lessons from history that we urgently need in order to strengthen the long-standing prohibition of biological weapons.

Following are some extracts that show the reality of of the desire to replace nuclear weapons with chemical/biological WMD’s. This is a totally irrational area where the common excuse for this kind of research has been because it’s for the “protection” of citizens. However, as shown below, this commonly includes illegal experimentation on human subjects (in Psychiatric wards and Prisons for example). Agents commonly leak out in the real world and wreak havoc on innocent citizens in the form of street drugs. I would say that is part of the experiment and of a war currently going on against mankind. This is what Gary Webb exposed in the 90’s and he was vilified for it (You can’t handle the truth !). Note previous link currently down but a search should turn up other references to Gary Webb.

3-quinuclidinyl benzilate (BZ). I was given something very like this between 2003 and 2006. Zyprexa/Olanzapine and Prozac are certainly not any kind of health treatment and appear to be an experiment in the effects of chemical weapons in humans (also see the book Prozac: Panacea or Pandora by Dr Ann Blake Tracy).

Yes, an anticholinergic. This is exactly the mode of action that Tracy identified in her book.

An example of the total disregard for the sacredness of the human being.

The lines between military research and civilian life have become hopelessly blurred. In fact I posit that this is no less than an active insurgency on society itself by forces that have gone completely mad and totally irrational.

Weapons of Mass Destruction ? This is commonly what we are giving to patients in our health systems.

I’ve witnessed this callous disregard for welfare. It has, perversely, become common practice to drug people in wards with bizaare chemicals from the same chemical companies that do research for the military and then note down “side effects” and go into another cycle of drug development. This is, no less, human experimentation. One day these people will be arrested under the Chemical and Biological Weapon treaties for the crime of experimenting on their own kind.

Until then just use the Lavender Oil for your anxiety.

I list below the effects of the anticholinergics like BZ (perma link) and its “civilian” counterpart “psychiatric drugs”, as well as other pharmaceuticals used in our so called “health” systems.

Possible effects of anticholinergics include:

  • Ataxia; loss of coordination

I have experienced these kind of effects which some describe as “tardive dykenesia”, a weaselly term for what is basically Parkinsons . Parkinsons is a breakdown in the cholinergic system.

  • Decreased mucus production in the nose and throat; consequent dry, sore throat
  • Xerostomia or dry-mouth with possible acceleration of dental caries

Yep, here’s another. I almost lost all my teeth because of reduced saliva production. Thankfully my dentist told me to constantly wash with an antibacterial mouthwash. I chose a naturally based one and I still have all my, slightly damaged, teeth.

  • Cessation of perspiration; consequent decreased epidermal thermal dissipation leading to warm, blotchy, or red skin
  • Increased body temperature

Yes ! I had an awful case of this post 2006. I was on the run from these chemical madmen. I took refuge in a place in Cornwall. I spent an entire 24 hours using a shower to regulate my body temperature. I knew I was in trouble and could very easily die because something was horribly wrong with my heat regulation system … all thanks to these chemical weapons. I was under fire and I hope I performed as well as any of the best soldiers in the face of a terrifying enemy.

Yes, I’ve had and still have these kind of vision problems.

Yes, this one as well.

  • Diminished bowel movement, sometimes ileus – (decreases motility via the vagus nerve)


Possible effects in the central nervous system resemble those associated with delirium, and may include:

  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Agitation
  • Euphoria or dysphoria
  • Respiratory depression
  • Memory problems[3]

I’ve had terrible problems with all these and especially amnesia of all sorts.

Yes, had some of those.

  • Unusual sensitivity to sudden sounds
  • Illogical thinking
  • Photophobia
  • Visual disturbances

Yes, had some of those.

  • Periodic flashes of light
  • Periodic changes in visual field
  • Visual snow
  • Restricted or “tunnel vision”

Yes, had some of those.

  • Visual, auditory, or other sensory hallucinations[3]
    • Warping or waving of surfaces and edges
    • Textured surfaces
    • “Dancing” lines; “spiders”, insects; form constants
    • Lifelike objects indistinguishable from reality

Now this is the most terrifying one. I’ve definitely had this a few times and I have always wondered what on earth was going on. I used to get a “house fly” in my room. But I always knew it was not real (just listen to your instincts). However I performed some rather inadvisable (but logical considering the circumstances) experiments to “test” if this was real. Considering that, as I now know, some crucial bodily mechanism is impaired by the anticholinergic effect, this is NOT going to work, and I certainly don’t recommend anyone try it (use something like Lavender of Frankincense oil instead). I just found myself in an infinite regress of “tests” going no where. A jacobs ladder into hell that could probably send one quite insane. However I pulled out at the last moment. This is exactly why these weapons should be BANNED. They are a very nasty weapon against the mind indeed and I wonder what the Geneva convention and other war conventions have got to say about these kind of weapons. I would not use them against my worst enemy.

  • Hallucinated presence of people not actually there

No, never had this, and I do know because my instincts have picked on what is “not right” before and proven to be correct.

  • Rarely: seizures, coma, and death

I get mild seizures that are not visible from the outside apart from I might appear to be rather suppressed.

  • Orthostatic hypotension (sudden dropping of systolic blood pressure when standing up suddenly) and significantly increased risk of falls in the elderly population.[4]

No, never had that.

By the way if you are wondering, I am not mad. You’ll have to take my word for it. And yes, I have seriously considered that as a possible explanation for what I have witnessed. I had to discount that option based on the evidence.

So, the conclusion is inescapable and a truth that some may not be able to handle. The overt insurgency-like war on civilian society using chemical weapons developed for military purposes. I’m afraid this is an awful conclusion to have reached and it makes me deeply sad that such tragedies still exist in our world. But there is much hope for change. Many are waking up and can see these abuses much more clearly for exactly what they are. One example is the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement. But there are countless others, many hidden and not easily identified or documented.

Until next time. Peace.


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