Why do Abuse Problems Remain Invisible ?

Why can’t so many people see the abuse that is happening right in front of them ?

The Abuser works within the mode of what is described in Simulacra and Simulation and that which is portrayed in the movie The Matrix. In the East this is what is described as Illusion (Maya). It is the Psychic Energy of the Transcendental that allows one to push through to the other side. However the Abuser and his cohorts do not follow this path. They exist in the realm of the non-sacred and non-spiritual so everything essentially has no meaning or truth to it.

We live in a world of a falling Empire. According to Sheldrake, Abraham and Mckenna (in their Trialogue talks) this world fell around the time of the Millennium. These three came to a consensus about this which was partly based on Chaos Mathematics. There is some evidence here that what is described in Chaos Mathematics as a Bifurcation Point actually did occur around the time of the Millennium. This may be related to the Psychic Energy available around the time of the Millennium related to it’s auspicious reputation as the “Second Coming” and other Religious and Spiritual significances.

The inherently Abusive Capitalism and Malthusian pursuits created a map of their Empire as big as the Empire itself. But that map became reality through the endlessly facsimiled media of symbols and pointers. Films and books. Pictures and fantasies that we were taught to live by. So we have various types who believe that they Rule the World playing within this map overlaid over the territory. However the end has already come. For those willing to make the jump by moving through the Veil of Illusion it can be somewhat of a shocking process. Think of the Desert of the Real in the Matrix film. Our position is slowly revealed as one sees the decrepit ruination of what we really live in. Certain details become unavoidable. Details that many simply don’t see.

Why am I interested in this ? Well, how can anyone walk right past someone who is obviously being totally destroyed by these chemical weapons that are used (“Pharmaceuticals”) ? They can, because this illusion that was created that we are all taught to live by (Consensual Reality) is profound. However despite the horrifying aspects, we reach and extraordinary juncture here. More than the promise but the ACTUAL solution to so many problems of Abuse that we have in our world. It’s really vastly simple despite complicated philosophies like the Matrix or Eastern Awareness Illusions. If one can SEE the problem then that is the place to start from !

My only worry is that some have become afraid of a world where these problems are actually SOLVED. Maybe some have become too used to the Illusion ? But just as in Space Exploration it has become necessary to move out of the Cradle. Maybe we should think of this as some grand MISSION TO PLANET EARTH as our world and reality has become somewhat of an undiscovered country. The familiar is not what it seems.


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