The Veil is Lifting

“How I envy you!” Picard says to young Wesley in The Next Generation. The children coming into the world today. There is a whole new world in front of them.

“Tell them it’s to free their minds from the constraints of space and time …

It’s peace in our time for all mankind …”

Tranquility Bass.

You watch … soon we’ll have safe clean fusion energy technology … reflecting the fusion of real emotion wih reason. The fusion of societal work-democracy with the rational. The trumping of irrationalism by the emergence of a new paradigm .. the old paradign going down like a massive Titanic … don’t get caught in its wake ! Swim to the surface of a new world.

There has been a resistance movement as real as any French Resistance.

“A constant refusal … a constant resistance …”

In order to allow our children to inherit the gift of a new world. Everything changes.

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