Where do we think all these problems come from ?

Where else do we think the problem lies exactly ? Alpha Centauri ? Hedgehogs ? We have lurid problems with drugs, crime, wars, corruption, denial, self-esteem, parenting, health problems. These are all the very obvious signs of a rampant psych-pathology in the human race. Yes in YOU. Most people will have been effected by this in one way or another. I’m not sure government enforcement of psycho-analysis for everyone is exacly the answer to this. The times we live in demand an inner revolution. A healing of psychological disease which can be done by anyone on a personal level. Even in a DIY fashion. But of course help from people trained in various therapies can certainly help.

The jig is up. So many have spent so long pretending that THEY are the normal one’s. But it’s time to grow up. To take responsibility for the mistakes of the past. To really start grasping our potential that we deserve to see at long last. To become healthy, glowing human beings rather than just smugly standing to attention in the ranks of the “normal”.


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