Facing the Evil in Ourselves

The fact of the matter is that some people would rather see some characters locked and up and almost drugged to death in our so called “mental health system”. Of course that can happen without any locks and keys just as a result of a Doctors prescription.

We’re in a mess here. Something has been up ever since the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. In that war perfectly innocent soldiers (on the most part) went to fight in a noble war against the evils of Communism. Then the My Lai massacre happened. Noble soldiers smashed the skulls in of old women and children. Why ? Well, after that massacre, many people realised that we weren’t just fighting an evil outside, we were also fighting an evil inside ourselves. One “unwelcome truth” to come out of that war.

Then we had the Vietnam vets. They out of everyone probably knew the truth more than most. Yet they were commonly shunned and misunderstood for the crime of making some people feel edgy, uncomfortable; something was there – inside those people trying to ignore the vets – that they had not looked at.

It’s an uncomfortable process examining the self. But who ever said any of this would be easy ? Are we mice or men ? Are we really adults or not ? Do we let horrid things go on in our name simply because we can’t – or won’t – see where our own behaviour (or lack of) is part of why those horrors happen.

The Jigs up. There are no innocents here. It’s about time we got down to being honest with ourselves and moving on, because I think everyone is completely fed up with they way things were going.


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