Analysis of some responses to abuse victims

Abuse trauma can cause dissociative symptoms (what used to be called MPD), however this is really a shifting around of consciousness/personality in a UNIFIED individual … the totality of a life makes what an individual is. There is nothing wrong with this, it is merely adaptive behaviour based on response to extreme circumstances. In an individual who has not worked that much on personal unification of their consciousness (Caduceus, Golden Mean, Human Body energy system) this shifting around of the personality MAY present itself as appearing to manifest different personalities, even if that is in an adaptive sense as a way to deal with various situations.

However behaviour observed would seem to suggest that some people interact with this state (in it’s positive or negative forms) in a negative way. These individuals start exhibiting inappropriate behaviour towards an abuse victim or survivor that reveal a prejudice towards the abuser survivor/victim. This takes the form of fragmented speech patterns on the sonic vocal level (voice pattern) aimed at the survivor/victim, as well as fragmented patterns of speech and use of words (confusing pauses, swapping around attitude, and so on). This may not have a consciously malevolent intent but is more likely to be an example of some of societies interaction with Abusers and their victims. The evil that allows these horrid abuses to take place does not seem to be widely understood on the level of research that Fromm and Peck use. In fact there has been a colonisation of these issues by the Pharmaceutical companies (drug/oil cartel) who have a vested interest in obscuring research vis’a’vis Fromm and Peck and making the results of abuse into a “Disorder” that re-victimises the victim.

This is a very serious situation where real Science is not being used in our medical as well as the legal/Police system. In fact widespread corruption in the name of “Capitalism” (top dollar trumps all .. morals, ethics and justice) has normalised the use of unproven procedures – especially in the medical system. These procedures – behavioural and use of drugs – have become legitimised and government supported and “proven”. This in a country that commonly has NICE (the body tasked with passing drugs as safe) passing various pharmaceutical drugs as “safe for medical usage” when it has been widely proven that they are anything apart from safe. This is exhibited in widespread knowledge of so called “side effects”. Ample evidence in itself (“side effects”) that these so called “medications” are anything BUT safe.

The “side effects” PROVE that there is no longer anything even resembling a Hippocratic Oath … which should mean do no harm. In fact we could rename the oath to something called the Hypocritic Oath.

This is a sad state of affairs where we are often pushing “help” and “care” through the Police or Medical systems. But those approaches appear to have become unhinged from our PRINCIPLES.

This probably has a relationship to decades or corrupt news print media and the erosion of principles by top dollar trumping them. As well as simply a lack of enough people pointing all this out.



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