The Spectre of Eugenics and the Shockwave of History

After examining some posts on Plasma Frontier by Michael Gmirkin I was taken to explore historical theories that were once taken as “proven” or “the way it is” in times past. They would have been long forgotten like tales of strange monsters or flights of the imagination creating spectres that evaporate on contact with reality. As usual I started at Wikipedia but found a very uptight article with actually not particularly good examples of what I was looking for. I realise that much of the editing in that article is not fair as many of these “disproved” theories are still in question as to their validity and have not completely been wiped from the history of Science. A much better article is Top 10 Most Famous Scientific Theories (That Turned out to be Wrong) which at least points out that research into Cold Fusion is still going on. It’s fair and written in a calmer way, whereas the Wikipedia article seems to have a lot to prove beyond simply being encyclopaedic.

I ventured to the talk page of the article and was horrified to find this (perma link) …


Wouldn’t eugenics be outdated? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Davidfarel (talkcontribs) 03:15, 12 May 2009 (UTC)

Not necessarily. While we know that the environment and experience can play a large or larger role than genetics themselves, there are still traits which can be helpful or harmful, and many of these are based almost exclusively in genetics. It’s not inconceivable that eugenics will play a larger role in society in a few years or so… —Dagonius VI (talk) 01:39, 17 February 2010 (UTC)

Now I’d be inclined to write this off as an isolated incident. The things the user is into are his own business. But this little incident came at a particular point for me. I’ve been reading Black’s War on The Weak since about 2007.

It’s not an easy read because it deals with history that “is not supposed to have happened”, yet all the exact references to source materials are all there in their glorious technicolour.

I’d been wondering how Cosmology went so wrong with it’s obsessions with gravity and god worship of Stephen Hawking or even Richard Dawkins. However Scientific history is full of bizarre theories and erroneous thinking that were quickly thrown by the wayside and as quickly forgotten. However for the uninitiated the journey into Science of looking at the Electric Universe or, say, Health Science can be a daunting task. Full as it is of competing agendas and fierce arguments. One might be tempted to throw one’s hands up and pretend that “the ruling theory has the field”. However the last 100 years has been a pure gale of technological change and innovation. Entire worlds were overthrown every decade. Cherished theories and “truisms” rise and fell like the earthquakes and skyscrapers that surrounded them. One thing is sure that one cannot determine what will happen just by taking in the current fashion or flavour of the particular set of agenda pushers that happen to be ruling the playing field.

How does Eugenics fit into all this ? Well for one it’s astounding in itself to find a comment at all supporting it when one is aware of the history of Eugenics (forget NAZI’s and Hitler that was only one part of it). The other reason is that little phrase in the book banner title …

“… and it never really stopped …”

I’d already been considering so called mental hospitals as a form of lethal chamber, with the pharmaceuticals as modes of slow acting poison. If the “feebleminded” (the “weak”) dropped dead as soon as the pharmaceutical poison pill was given to them then all this would be too obvious, right ? Much better to leave people wondering … was he killed by the pellet or the “disease” ?

So I hover over the threshold. I am surrounded by this murdering clubbing system that we call “the health system”. The truth ? You can’t handle the truth ! Eugenics never really stopped and millions are herded into gas chamber hospitals. It’s still genocide, by another name. But I console myself by looking at this shockwave that we call history. Nothing, not even a totally bizarre and evil system that is the chemical based health system can be seen as safe from the changes and shockwaves of history. I think people are basically good. They basically want to live in a better world (“everyone wants to be happy!” as Palden Jenkins says). So I can just about, in my small way, perceive the huge evil structure of Eugenics falling away forever.

Top 10 Most Famous Scientific Theories (That Turned out to be Wrong)


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