Here it comes: Canonical OS

Holy illogicality Batman ! I had to study this carefully just to disentangle myself from the Ubuntu shit storm. Without further ado here is the score.

Canonical will eventually fork the entire Linux and assorted packages codebase, and Ubuntu will become Canonical OS. Because that, being a corporation, has been their intention all along. This is the entire point of the GNU License and is the trapdoor waiting at the bottom of the Ubuntu nightmare. Because that’s why that license is there you see … to protect Linux from corporate fiddling.

Fair enough. Great ! Another commercial contender in the OS market place. Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Canonical OS.

But let’s get this straight. Canonical have been using the same old corporate tactics. Mr. what’s his name is Mr. rich-I-have-so-many-millions I can swan up to the ISS while the rest of can barely afford the next meal. The “Ubuntu” tactic is the same old cynical ploy to make people feel all warm and glowy about a fake corporate society (a’la so called “big society”). If people want to go with that then fair enough. It’s your Facebook and all the rest of it. But don’t tell me it’s real. It’s a sales tactic. It’s not Linux and that’s why Ubuntu is going to morph into Canonical OS because Linux is not and cannot sustain a business model. But Linux and open source software was always setup to deal with this kind of corporate philandering because many were honest with themselves about exactly what the corporations do.


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