Eugenics is Alive and Well – It Must be Finished off for Good !

International evidence shows that people with learning disabilities or long-term mental health problems on average die 5 to 10 years younger than other citizens, often from preventable illnesses.


Quoted from the chapter What’s the problem? Ill health and early death in PART 1 OF THE DISABILITY RIGHTS COMMISSION’S FORMAL INVESTIGATION REPORT, Equal Treatment: Closing the Gap, A formal investigation into physical health inequalities experienced by people with learning disabilities and/or
mental health problems, p33.

Some years earlier the president of the National Conference for Charities and Correction had told his institutional superintendents caring for the feebleminded, “We wish the parasitic strain … to die out”. Even an article in Institution Quarterly, Illinois’s own journal, admitted “it would be an act of kindness to them, and a protection to the state, if they could be killed”.

No wonder at one international conference on Eugenics, Davenport proclaimed without explanation from the podium, “One may even view with satisfaction the high death rate in an institution for low grade feeble-minded, while one regards as a national disaster the loss of … the infant child of exceptional patients”.


Quoted from War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race, Edwin Black, p255.


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