I was Suckered by Ubuntu

UPDATE Monday 28th May 2012: I had not found this video of Greg Kroah-hartmans’ (a major Linux kernel developer) talk from 2008. He is obviously aware of the Canonical problem … “they pretend that they are giving back to the community, when they are not, this is not ethical”. He explains brilliantly why that is a bad thing, and what the Linux ecosystem is and why it works the way it does. To be fair to Canonical Kroah-hartman does talks all the time to companies who misunderstand the Linux ecosystem … those companies have eventually got it right, so why can’t Canonical ?

I’ve been conditioned to trust corporations. This is why I trusted Canonical and all their “Ubuntu” fluffy wuffy “we’re all a big thriving community” bollocks so Mr what’s his name can swan up to the ISS and grin at everyone. I feel like an idiot but I’m probably being too hard on myself. I was conditioned from birth to believe …


Corporations are inherently illogical and hypnotising so they can get people into a particular kind of hypnotic state. No doubt this is based on years of sociological research on how people respond to sales … the advertising and marketing men. Ubuntu is a huge crowd sourcing project to create a replacement for Microsoft Windows. The Unity panel even reminds me of the Taskbar circa 1995, popping up incessantly all the time. So now I’m DELETING Ubuntu and installing Debian. They seem to have a sane policy document. Canonical do not have one that I can find that supports any of the principles that makes Linux, and Open Source Software so good. They only have a community document that claims to uphold decent behaviour between people. To be fair Linux was always setup to be legally used by the corporations … as long as the source code is kept open and is redistributed. However the acceptance of Ubuntu by millions – no questions asked – is a classic example of how people are conditioned to unquestionably accept corporate evil. Where else do we see this ? The pharmaceutical companies. Just as people unthinkingly allow Ubuntu-Corporate-Trick onto their computer … they will unquestionably swallow a pill that THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD NOTHING ABOUT AND DO NOT KNOW HOW IT WORKS into their body ….

… no questions asked …

“Who’s more the fool ? The fool who leads or the fool who follows ?”

Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars

CONTINUED: Now I’ve calmed down a bit I can see that I’m right about this. Reading the original Debian manifesto

Many distributions have started out as fairly good systems, but as time passes attention to maintaining the distribution becomes a secondary concern. A case-in-point is the Softlanding Linux System (better known as SLS). It is quite possibly the most bug-ridden and badly maintained Linux distribution available; unfortunately, it is also quite possibly the most popular. It is, without question, the distribution that attracts the most attention from the many commercial “distributors” of Linux that have surfaced to capitalize on the growing popularity of the operating system.

This is a bad combination indeed, as most people who obtain Linux from these “distributors” receive a bug-ridden and badly maintained Linux distribution. As if this wasn’t bad enough, these “distributors” have a disturbing tendency to misleadingly advertise non-functional or extremely unstable “features” of their product. Combine this with the fact that the buyers will, of course, expect the product to live up to its advertisement and the fact that many may believe it to be a commercial operating system (there is also a tendency not to mention that Linux is free nor that it is distributed under the GNU General Public License). To top it all off, these “distributors” are actually making enough money from their effort to justify buying larger advertisements in more magazines; it is the classic example of unacceptable behavior being rewarded by those who simply do not know any better. Clearly something needs to be done to remedy the situation.

Sound familiar ? How ironic that Canonical “Ubuntu” is based on Debian.

The time has come to concentrate on the future of Linux rather than on the destructive goal of enriching oneself at the expense of the entire Linux community and its future. The development and distribution of Debian may not be the answer to the problems that I have outlined in the Manifesto, but I hope that it will at least attract enough attention to these problems to allow them to be solved.

So there you go. What I’m seeing with Canonical/Ubuntu is obviously not a new problem. This manifesto was written in 1994 by Ian Murdock (hence the Debian name Deb/Ian, named after Ian and his wife Deb) to prefigure the solution to a similar problem to my one.

But, what’s this ! And lo, there is more …

Some of the babies throwing tantrums were not even members of Debianland; they were changelings that had wandered in from foreign lands, such as the neighboring dukedom of Knoppixton, or the Island of Ubuntubia. And they harassed the elders of the Channel of #debian, demanding that the elders fix the problems that they had on their strange Island, all the while pretending that the problem was actually occurring within Debianland. And the elders would waste great amounts of time scratching their heads, wondering how such a problem could be occurring within Debianland, for the problem made no sense. Then, when the elder finally learned that the problem was one of Knoppixton or Ubuntubia, the elder would wax wroth, and would hurl the changeling out of the Channel, followed by a stream of invective and curses.

Quoted from The Fable.

So this is very interesting. All the people who say “you don’t make any sense” when Canonical/Ubuntu is criticised. They say the same when it is pointed out that Firefox is not exactly as free as it seems seeing as it has huge backing from the likes of Google, et al. Wiser and older minds know the wisdom and importance of those kind of influences and that those influences have real influence in a real world. However we have a huge parenting problem (I suspect caused by the Drug War causing endemic addiction to street and pharmaceutical drugs) that is porting children straight out into the world with really zero, ALMOST ZERO appreciation of what they are or what they are REALLY involved in here (some might refer to it as just “life” but that does not quite cover it does it ? The birds and the bees anyone ?).

This happened to me. From about 1994 to 2003 I began to realise the awful truth. My parents had taught me NOTHING of real importance about the world. I was in danger of floundering and maybe even drowning. So I simply began to teach myself.

Sadly this lack of dealing with one’s own problems – this lack of taking responsibility for the problems of our society as every human has to do at some point – has leaked into the computer world. Maybe that’s because computers seem to provide a safe haven from something that can be very painful and unpleasant. But this is an illusion that has created BIG PROBLEMS.

So come on guys … clear up you’re own mess ! It can be done … I did it. It ain’t easy, but the rewards are great. then you get to join the party.


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