Solution to Macabre Pharmaceutical Abuses ?

Now, after six years, I can just about sit back and piece together what has been going on here. I was given a pharmaceutical that has a “side effect” associated with it which is suicide…but forget the pharmaceutical companies for a moment, I’m worried about everyone else …

“So you’re telling me that this drug causes suicides … and you … somehow … believe that is a “side effect”. Do you really think … that a drug … that causes one of the most awful tragedies that can ever befall a human being and those around them … works … in any way what so ever ?”

This drug should have been banned years ago … and all the other pharmaceuticals like it that damage people’s health.

After many years of looking at this situation and doing research I’ve come to the conclusion that many have failed to make a crucial distinction between criminality and evil. A criminal may steal … the pharmaceutical companies are often seen as causing abuses in order to keep up their profits. However most criminals will simply steal and only steal … they’re not interested in leaving a victim in terrible suffering for decades on end. In fact they would be as shocked as any one else, criminal or not a criminal, when they see suffering caused out of pure malice. The reasons for these pharmaceutical abuses are not criminal acts (although that may sometimes be tied up in it). There is something else going on. There needs to be a distinction made between CRIMINALITY and EVIL.

Peck and Fromm both make this distinction. In fact the death creating nature of some of the pharmaceuticals matches perfectly with their definition of NECROPHILIA. What we’re dealing with here is a serious psychopathology in many individuals inside and outside of the pharmaceutical companies. Why would some people pass off suicide as a “side effect” ? Well now we’ve made the distinction this is understandable … THEIR PSYCHOPATHOLOGY – NECROPHILIA – GETS SOMETHING OUT OF THINKING ABOUT AND BEING INVOLVED IN THE EVENTS THAT CAUSE THOSE SUICIDES OR DEATH CREATING EFFECTS.

They are necrophiliac personalities as Fromm would put it. They get excited by death and destruction, pain and suffering.  Our history is blighted by such individuals, yet the psychological science of this kind of psychopathology is relatively well understood (Peck, Fromm et al). One of the things that seems to uphold these kind of abuses is so many people’s confusion over what they are. Many mutter something about profit or “follow the money” much like they muttered about “oil” over the Iraq war … but then the conversation is over. No. Here we have the beginnings of a proper analysis of WHY these macabre abuses happen, and from a proper, logical approach comes a solution.

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