Chain Reaction, Fleischmann–Pons 1989 to 2012 ECat, Smaller Cycle in Grand Astrological 26,000 Year Cycle of Procession

Is it incredulity on my part ? Or simple memory loss and health problems ? Anyway, after following the Heaven and Earth Astrology Blog I think it’s beginning to dawn on me in this glorious way.

In 1989 it was the end of the Cold War. It was no coincidence that this was the date of the famous Fleischmann–Pons discovery. Around the time of the Harmonic Convergence and what has proved to be an interesting – but very difficult – shift up to the end of a smaller cycle landing around the 2012 date with the promising ECat that stands to replace Oil with a much saner method of large scale energy production. It can be simple and problems can be solved with a minimum of fuss. A huge block has been lifted and removed and the future stands there open to us now.

Cycles within cycles. The smaller 1989 to 2012 cycle fits snugly within the massive 26,000 year cycle of Precession that we are swinging around now. Why is this so significant ? Well look at what was happening around 26,000 years ago (these are all themes not exact dates) … 2012 – 26,000 = -23,998 … well within the Upper Paleolithic.

Right at the top of the Wikipedia page is this image …


That should be a massive clue to the initiated. It’s the return – Return to the Source – of the Goddess, feminine, theme. This is a spiral so things obviously don’t happen the same as they did all those years ago, unless we start seeing hairy cavemen setting up little encampments inside our towns. Or do we already have cavemen in our governments ? Anyway I digress.

This is so difficult for anyone bought up in the intellectual conceit of modern disconnected “Western” materialist culture. I’m having difficulty with it and I’m not exactly one of the uninitiated, or maybe I just have more to learn. Anyway so many have been taught that consciousness is “in there”, and not “out there” … shades of …

“Is anyone in there !

Is anyone out there !”

(David Cameron to Gordon Brown)

Consciousness is a function of reality, of the Universe which is why these huge historical cycles mean human behaviour plays out differently depending on the epoch.  Some might see that as some kind of predetermination but every cycle is different. Everyone is still free to exercise their will but inside of a larger conscious entity.

Of course I have no figures of how many people really have these beliefs – “Western” profane, or “Archaic” sacred. Much may have already changed. I have no way of checking apart from doing some kind of massive survey. But maybe it doesn’t matter. It’s all good.


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