More Mars Conceits

Dunes on Mars have been presented as fossilised, likely as some kind of huge Feyerabend-like conceit. Not from the place of a lie but from a place that holds reality in some kind of selective vision. So it was with shock that I read about fossilised dunes on Earth.

Modern agricolture and modern towns have further hidden these areas, but part of them remains under the ground or conserved inside fossil dunes, a typical characteristics of this territory.

space – archaeology’s final frontier? an intercontinental approach, Ed. D. Keeler, R. Salisbury, p13, Chapter 14. Reconstructing archaeological landscape. Interpretation and integration in spatial and real-time open system.

This is STI. The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence. Is anyone out there. Is ANYONE IN THERE ! Life, outside of Earth has not been found and will never be found until we solve this massive intellectual conceit that Feyerabend (Farewell to Reason) identifies so precisely. It’s not scary to be able to see the reality of what’s out there. What’s scary is having so many people’s vision skewed to the point of autism and beyond.

Major discoveries, I said, are not like the discovery of America, where the general nature of the discovered object is already known. Rather, they are like recognizing that one has been dreaming.

Killing Time: The Autobiography of Paul Feyerabend, p.92.


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