My Home Recording Studio

After much work researching the most stable and most accurate set-up (when it comes to things like high resolution timers for midi and that kind of thing). After a video card failing … I had to unglue a lot of heatsinks, remove the glue and re-do all heat transferring glue to get it working again. After a motherboard failure I had to get a new motherboard which worked out quite well because that gave the high resolution timer needed for accurate midi timing. After researching how to build a Debian kernel with real time patches. After fighting with strange cosmic forces and wresting with alligators in uncharted jungles, and more ! DJ Barney brings you his Home Studio ! Mk. 1.

Observant readers might notice the “Zero XRUNS” visible on the Jack Transport. Translation ? This is a production studio ready for professional music production. Cowabunga !


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