Supression of Research Valuable to Society by a RELIGIOUS and Dogmatic Scientific Cultural Element

Here is the pattern as exposed in Sheldrakes’ book The Science Delusion.

Certain scientific “truths” or “laws” are taken as set in stone and almost literally worshipped as Gods that cannot be questioned (yes, a’la Stargate SG-1). Feyerabend investigates the same thing in his book Farewell to Reason and his other works. This is the same type of research that Sheldrake does, and many others, into the actual history of science – as it happened – rather than assumed “truths” revealed by Science. Actual investigations into the specific historical cases in the history of science reveals a story that is very far from what we are told by “protectors of science”. Michael Cremo did the same thing in the book Forbidden Archaeology.

Certain discovered human bones and artefacts in millions of years old rock strata that we are told have been “disproven” stand up in a very different light when the actual case histories are looked at. Many cases have simply been skipped over and not disproved and in fact still stand as valid scientific evidence. One of the main reasons for this is an age old problem in Science … Confirmation Bias. People tend to pick the evidence that supports their point of view. That is fair enough. It’s human behaviour. What is not acceptable are the personal attacks, not only on publicists of “disproven” scientific research, but the attacks that are also carried out on people who simply subscribe to that point of view. This is not freedom of speech, not to mention that it’s just plain rude to make assumptions about what someone is saying that can often malign their character by suggesting they are “crazy” and so forth. That’s sociopathic isn’t it ? But without getting too much into sometimes unproductive candour, lets move on.

( Source: Don’t Let Personal Biases Sabotage Your Startup )

Reality check indeed. If orthodox Science has been hiding so much as it has been proven to be doing, and is doing, then taking that into account allows enormous vista’s to start opening up to us. Many people in society have become “trapped in time” in a way. Knowledge of former human ancestors has become blocked out to them under the presumed “proven” concept of the Theory of Evolution (Darwin). Remains of anatomically modern  humans have been found in rock strata millions of years old. What this means scientifically has hardly been determined, seeing as the struggle so far has simply just been to get this scientific evidence looked at (Forbidden Archaeology, Michael Cremo). What kind of vista’s does this open up ? Look at the Face on Mars at Cydonia for example (Monuments of Mars, Hoagland et al, The Cydonia Controversy (revised edition), Carlotto).

Another “unacceptable piece of scientific evidence” that has been studied by scientists (Enterprise Mission, Carlotto, et al).

With potentially intelligent humans living on Earth millions of years ago that leaves many possibilities wide open. There is now time for humans to have gone to Mars in the past and built that Face. Another possibility is that there were human-like beings on Mars – possibly adapted to living there – who built the monuments at Cydonia. But how are we supposed to find out – either way, yay or nay – if VALID scientific evidence from many domains is hidden to us ?

What about so called “unchanging” physical laws – the speed of light and gravity ? As shown by Sheldrake and others these have actually been measured over the years as CHANGING but the results have been averaged out to presumed “correct” exact measurements. There is some evidence here that this is what is going on at the moment – in this transitionary period of history – as electromagnetic forces shift around our planet and solar system (vis’a’vis plasma). This maybe changing the QUALITY of consciousness (very Mayan) as it is expressed by humans, animals, all lifeforms and by the Earth itself as part of a conscious Galaxy and Universe. Could this be the “cataclysmic” shift so long predicted ? That the very thing that cannot change …  the presumed “unique” human consciousness – is changing. Again, from a Scientific point of view this is all just like another episode of Star Trek.

( Star Trek Voyager episode Rise: a geologist struggles to get important information out in order to protect his people.)

A strange new world happens to be involved in a cosmic shift taking place in their section of the Universe. Certain cultural elements resist the carefully confirmed and peer reviewed information that is then incoming. Certain scientists struggle to get this information out …. BECAUSE IT US USEFUL TO SOCIETY – TO PERFECTLY “ORDINARY” PEOPLE !

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