My Massive Mars Face 1976 Synchronicity

OK, here’s the story.

First of all the reader must understand this. Astrology is real. The Hoagland transit measurements show this to be true, as well as the other scientists who have measured similar gravitic responses around the time of eclipses and alignments.

As usual we have to be careful of saying that this proves scientifically that Astrology is real as this is a much more hard nosed process, but there is clearly something there that is worth studying and something that shows that there is more than simple superstition going on when it comes to Astrology and ancient sacred sites. In the name of scientific freedom that research should not be suppressed. See my previous blog post for more on that.

Astrologically Mars represents the Spiritual Warrior, or in it’s more popular form just “war” and “male” likely due to historical association of warriors with men. Mars importance is shown explicitly in the upcoming November 13th, 2012 event …

The November 13th Eclipse will enable the feminine aspects of consciousness to begin to move into right relationship with the already healed and healing aspects of the masculine. On that day, Mars also aligns with the Galactic Centre, realigning the energy of the male spiritual warrior back to the creative source of the Galaxy.

Hawaii Sacred Journey – Nov 2012, Heaven and Earth Astrology Blog

By the way this astrologer has been personally vetted by me, he is not chosen as random.

(Update) … and here is the alignment !

In these Astrological terms, it is absolutely extraordinary that the Face is there in it’s “hero of a thousand faces” aspect (Joseph Campbell a’la Star Wars).

At a place where you would expect to find an ancient sacred site. This is shown by the position of the site on the planet as well as the mathematical analysis of the anomalous artifacts by the Enterprise and Mars Mission (Hoagland and many other scientists such as Carlotto, see the book Case for the Face (various), The Cydonia Controversy (Carlotto), and The Monuments of Mars (Hoagland, et al)). Yes, this is all on the astrological planet that actually represents The Spiritual Warrior. This is as a result of some very ancient understanding of the PHYSICS of astrology here, as shown in Hoaglands’ article.

My synchronicity is this. I have come out of a difficult upbringing as a child. Around 2001 I encountered the Face on Mars. It had a huge effect on me. It was a few months later that I discovered that it was first photographed from orbit in 1976. That date has a huge significance for me. Something happened then that was to effect my life in a large way that I won’t go into here. So this to me is a MASSIVE cosmic synchronicity telling me to “stay in there“. As I found out from 2001 to 2003 in conversations with Hoagland and Enterprise Mission members these kind of cosmic synchronicities surrounding the Face and other ancient monuments are not unusual – well, they are always unusual and surprising – but they are natural. This is what I think the builders of the Face at Cydonia are “saying” by putting that Face there, yes EXACTLY in that place. Intending it to be discovered and looked at. They are saying “you are not the only one !”, “you are right! … “we have noticed these synchronicities as well related to this astrological physics” … especially at those kind of locations, 19.5.

Maybe we have more friends out there than we think.

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