Post Cold War Moral Apocalypse

As I quoted in another post

… there is a greater darkness…than the one we fight…it is the darkness of the soul…that has lost it’s way. The war we fight is not against powers and principalities…it is against chaos..and despair.”

“Greater than the death of flesh…is the death of HOPE. The death of dreams. Against this peril we can never surrender !“

I think I’m beginning to catch on to what has happened here. The Cold War. We did not blow ourselves away in some orgy of nuclear suicide. Well done ! But there is another kind of post-apocalyptic state that society is living in as a direct result of the Cold War. It was the era of paranoia. Moral principles were eroded to the point of debased depraved perversity. One only has to read Naomi Klein’s book Shock Doctrine to see that. From the casual drugging of people with emotional distress in the “mental health” system. To that systems alignment with the a pharmaceutical industry in league with the Intelligence and Defence communities. “Treatment” of patients in that system is straight out of the military manual of interrogation. I could cite other examples here of a moral erosion that leads to the most ordinary people being totally unconcerned in the face of depraved acts and the casual destruction of moral principles. This is often put down to “life” or some other unchangeable state that just has to be accepted.

This is totally plain flat wrong.

History shows us that “real politic” almost took over everything in the Cold War. We have “won” and did not launch the missiles. But there was a far more frightening apocalypse of moral values – of simple humane behaviour. This destruction creeps up on someone from behind. It skulks amongst us with a cynical smirk and an ironic laugh. It presides over us watching the destruction of child hood dreams. Of hope. Of the good. Of all the things that make life worth living. Of the things that give people a goal to work towards.

Do we want to become a mutated, distorted race ? Revelling in the dark side of human behaviour as if its the ultimate badge of adult hood to accept the darkness with welcoming arms ? Do we want to swing guide-less into a depressing future where there are no moral or guiding principles of any kind ? What about those who have not become corrupted ? Do they want to fend off any unacceptable bit of information with the “conspiracy theory!” retort ?

There’s plenty of inspiring role models out there to give a sense of direction, or inspire some new direction no one has thought of yet. Look at the work of Graham Hancock or Richard C Hoagland. Michael Cremo. Art Bell. Rupert Sheldrake. Terrence McKenna. Andrea Rossi. Nikolai Tesla. Dan Winter. Roger Green. David Wilcock … and some.

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