“Mental Heath” is a Eugenics term and Eugenics is alive and well today, 60 years later in our “Mental Hygiene” systems

This is repulsive. It truly disgusts me that these sick people have locked themselves into the asylum with the patients for at least the last 60 years ! While Sheldrake, the Electric Universe scientists and Dean Radin, Dan Wnter et al and millions of other GOOD people do real groundbreaking science, these utter CRETINS have not changed in the last 60 years (at least!) in the way they approach people deemed to have problems with their consciousness. SHAME ON YOU. Just as there is with Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease (op cit Mathias Rath) and many other diseases, there are tried and tested cures out there (yes, CURES, as if thats a bad word) for ailments of consciousness. I have the choice to use treatments like Reiki that are non-toxic and non-harmful. What choice do the people have who are herded like cattle into our perverse “mental health” (a Eugenic term remember) systems ? They are concentration camps where depraved acts are carried out against people.

Here is a report from the National Council for Mental Hygiene (NCMH) which eventually turned into MIND. It was written in 1933, yet look at the language. The language is IDENTICAL to that used today even with that word “stigma” cropping up. Adolf Meyer crops up in the history of the NCMH and is mentioned in relation to Eugenics in Edwin’s Blacks extraordinary history of Eugenics, War Against the Weak. Yet in our shiny new world MIND is supposed to have dropped any association with Eugenics. You’d think after things like Windscale being renamed to Sellafield it would be more difficult to hide things behind renaming exercises. NCMH becoming the modern MIND in 1946 would seem to be a simple window redressing exercise with the “hygiene” moniker being a little too uncomfortable after the recent NAZI concentration camp revelations.

I see a lot of this as evidence of a Necrophiliac psychological plague that possessed some sections of humanity of all types up to fairly recently. Yes, I happen to think things are improving. We have recently had the work by the investigative journalist Ian Cobain, Cruel Britannia to shine a light on some of the more uncomfortable aspects of these Necrophiliac diseases. But far from throwing my hands up in horror and losing myself in distractions of i-pods and daily mainstream news broadcasts as many people seem to do, I want to see these depraved abuses and pursuits REMOVED from our world. The Universe is good and its about time we started really enjoying life rather than simulating it.

UPDATE: Some evidence. I found this study through the Wikipedia page on suicide …

“Twenty-seven studies comprising 3275 suicides were included, of which, 87.3% (SD 10.0%) had been diagnosed with a mental disorder prior to their death.”

Wikipedia and the study both suggest that it is this diagnosis that somehow caused the suicide presumably through some kind of irrationality or “disorders in thinking” as opposed to simple emotional overload or too much pain. It is equally as likely that the dehumanising and dehumanised aspects of corrupt psychiatry and society were to blame for the suicides. It is also likely that many people were on some kind of officially sanctioned “safe” drug as part of that diagnosis. Drugs that, like Zyprexa, have a suicide risk associated with them. Zyprexa even says it on the label … “May cause suicidal thoughts”. But no one mentions this or seems to want to discuss it. More evidence for an unstated and underhand Eugenics agenda to remove the so called “weak and maladjusted” from society ?


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