2012: The Year of The Shift

Don’t let anyone tell you that “nothing” happened in 2012.


This is one MAJOR shift going on here. What we are seeing is a major shift away from suffocating, claustrophobic, chauvinistic male energy. As Marcus Mason has been covering we have seen highly significant Astrological alignments going on that CLEARLY show re-balancing of Earth Grid going on towards more balanced male/female energies. These are not just wishy washy, indefinable “cosmic energies” coming in but very real electromagnetic energies, and scalar. You’ll have to look at the work of Richard C Hoagland (Enterprise Mission) to understand that. But gravitic changes have been measured at the time of eclipses that SHOULD NOT be happening in materialistic, reductionist male chauvinist energy models of Science.

Yet these things are happening. Changes are happening ! I don’t care how many people tell me that “nothing” is happening in 2012 ! I felt the energies roaring through my soul around the November 13th eclipse. Anyone who resorts to the old “you’re just imagining things” retort, well, I feel sorry for you. Go and read Paul Feyerabend. Listen to YOUR senses for a change rather than being TOLD what to feel and believe by a system that neither knows or cares about YOUR life or experience.

Things are changing around here … for the better. Men and their male energy are no longer going to be keeping that wild feminine DIVINE energy locked up in some back room somewhere. Not all men are bad, not all women are good, but I suspect it is not just me who has had some serious problems in my life with dominating male influences. Go on Universe !


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