Warnings for 2012 Sea Dog Navigators

I write these words with the hope that they can help others in my position. I have been having terrible problems focusing at the moment. This is due to the raising frequencies at this time. This is related to the astrological situation that the Maya have tracked and people like Jose Arguelles have bought to the attention of people in the West. This is a very real phenomenon that people in the spiritual community have been bringing to our attention for at least the last 200 years. It is here ! This is currently being measured to a degree by The Enterprise Mission (Richard Hoagland, et al). Look up the original meaning of the word “Ark” in Egyptian as well which means “completion of cycle”. The Ark Bible story appears to be a warning about this time with the rising waters being analogous to the rising frequencies, not just of Space Weather or the Aether or Hyperdimensional Physics but of consciousness itself – reality, the Universe IS conscious. We are only a small part of it here on Earth, but for some reason there is a change going on here – probably related to Galactic growth cycles of the greater Galactic organism. So adjust your rigging. Trim your sails ! This is a different type of wind and even the ocean seems to be behaving “oddly”, or differently. It’s all going off the end of the scale ! But that is OUR scale. We’re going to have to redefine our own conscious boundaries and parameters here because something REAL is happening here – don’t listen to the jaded cynics.


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