Discovery of first Earth-like Alien Planet will cause “humanity to reassess its place in the universe”. But which “humanity” ?

The first truly Earth-like alien planet is likely to be spotted next year, an epic discovery that would cause humanity to reassess its place in the universe.

 First ‘Alien Earth’ Will Be Found in 2013, Experts Say

Is this “humanity to reassess” just a figure of speech ? A convenient epithet intended to highlight the significance of the event in news speak ? I don’t think so. There is this Feyerabend-like conceit there again. Humanity striding as one into the cosmos. but what about the Buddhists. The Islamists ? Various indigenous tribes ? What about the Dogon who appear to have been aware of life-bearing planets out there for millennia ? Do they somehow not count here ? This headline betrays the offensive conceit of the scientific “elite” who have determined that it is they who define the times we live in and how we are supposed to respond to important events.

The sad truth of this kind of affair is that the conceited one’s will end up determining and documenting the reaction to this kind of event entirely in their own terms. While the rest of the world “just gets on with it”. The Buddhists will add the discovery to their voluminous list of areas where life exists. The religions and belief systems of the Indian sub-continent. Universe as God-like body of life. The Lord with his creation. Spiritualism with its acknowledgement of Aether as great Cosmic sea of consciousness. The UFO researchers. The channellers who claim to already be talking to life out there in various star systems. Are all these fascinating views on life to be swept aside in some great “reassessment”  ?

No it is YOU who needs to reassess. Go and read Farewell to Reason by Feyerabend. Go and do some travelling. Notice the RELATIVISM of life. There is no “one way”. There is no great “saviour” of mankind vis’a’vis Science. Science is just a tool like logic or 1 + 1 = 2. Stop being afraid of the “messiness” of life. Jump into the chaos ! Stop hovering on the edge of an ocean that you either see as too scary or too “contaminating” to your presumed “scientific reason”. Stop shutting your self away in your lofty tower away from the “dross” of life. Let me let into a secret. The dross of matter is the gift. A gift that is there for anyone to take, although that taking involves giving it back out to the world as well otherwise you can’t keep it. In the ascension of the spirit a million “other Earth’s” have already been discovered and walked on and a headline such as this betrays a kind of inner childishness. But not of the child that still has wonder and curiosity but of the child that refuses to grow up. Who refuses to feel “your silly feelings” (Peter Pan Syndrome, look it up). It betrays the naive pronouncements of a world that is looking increasingly out of date as “humanity” in all its forms starts finding out about what the world really is, and starts finding that parts of humanity have been living in a Universe that has been filled with other worlds for them all along.


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