A Note About CommonSense Rebellion (Bruce Levine)


Reading Levine’s Common Sense Rebellion can be quite a shock, but a necessary one I think.

The bio-medical people, especially in their Eugenical Psychiatric form, are total monsters. Their interventions into society to “prevent violence” is an ultimate expression of violence by what I call a kind of hyper-criminal. It’s just as well the human spirit is not purely a function of the neuron. Consciousness is a function of the Universe and all real spiritual practices and sacred sciences have discovered this. Do these people have no shame ? With the blatant lobotomies regardless of if its through drugs or lasers. Do you have no shame ? Oh, wait a moment, you have no emotions so you wouldn’t have. You are totally inhuman. Aliens. But wait, this has all happened before.

The Dogon. The Jackal. The soul-less creation of an ancient genetic experiment gone wrong, “the second experiment” (book link). These kind of myths and legends are there for a reason. Something akin to what we are dealing with now must have happened before. Probably millions of years ago, because we have found human remains (with signs of intelligence, tools etc) in millions of year old rock strata (ref: Michael Cremo, et al). This is part of the “power” of these kind of alien-human bastards. They appear to posit that “this is only happening now”, that what we are dealing with is a purely modern phenomenon. Bollocks to that. Somehow some ancient mistake is being repeated. This gives me hope because we are all still here (well, apart from those murdered by the Eugenics bastards), and the appearance of this problem in various myths and legends (especially the Dogon for some reason) means that there is information out there about how to get out of this mess. The Universal Consciousness contains answers and I fully expect direct spiritual help to burst on forth in the next few years. We are not solving some “unique” problem here. It actually appears to be a very ancient one. Former civilisations have tried to control nature before in this way and probably had to face similar consequences.

This to everyone. Escape from the historical anomaly that was the 20th century. There is MUCH more to learn about human origins and human potential. The rewards are great and good.

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