I believe in the NHS and its staff Facebook page with Fukitol up yours

Thankyou NHS for taking the care and time to poison us half to death with your scientifically unproven drugs developed in endless torture of animals while you ignore and suppress natural medicine that is non-abusive, scientifically proven medicine that you have stamped upon over the last few decades closing down the natural health clinics we used to have while YOU drug old people with dementia into pain filled hell. While you drug people in hospitals and carry out unnecessary operations and surgery. You drug people, cats, dogs, the birds in the trees, everything must be drugged until we live in darkness and death …

You are as mad as hell ! You are as mad as hell !

Thankyou NHS, for all the wonderful things you did for me, a final thankyou …


The End.

This production was bought to you by 4XXX’ed off former victims of the NHS who have been through decades of hell and agony and are currently recuperating on a beach in Hawaii sipping a nice cocktail thankyou very much …


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