TED Furore Highlights Necessity of Freedom in Scientific Research

Stunning intervention in the TED controversy by 19 leading scientists_excerpt

Graham Hancock posts about TED developments


An article about this in The Independent


Letter from Deepak Chopra and other eminent Scientists (The University of Arizona, Harvard University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, ad more)


Excerpt from the TEDx letter showing why all this is important

Proper unpolluted nutrition and non-abusive natural health are desperately needed as well as clean technologies based on Cold Fusion like the e-CAT. Its fine if you are “in the know” but what about so many people who naturally take recommendations on trust from authorities ? Access for them to legitimate science that can cure diseases – without extra health damage – and to clean energy technologies is (was?) being blocked by these self-appointed gate keepers of “scientific truth”. Now we have reached this turning point lets peacefully, with respect, and without anger (but anger at being damaged by faulty health technologies is understandable) take this forward and build a world – a Star Trek like world – where Science can be practised in the light of true human potential, a marriage of the material and the spiritual. Where Science is in the service of wo(man)kind that will allow an extraordinary flowering of human potential, light, life and love. A’men !

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