Exposing the Ritual Abusers <-> “psychiatric” <-> Satanists, Nexus

Ritual Abusers <-> “psychiatric” system <-> Satanists (obsessed with violating anything sacred or innocent).

“Psychiatric” system as central nexus of MK-Ultra alteration of some people into Ritual Abusers or Satanists. This has been documented by the ICFDA. See their book Prozac: Pancea or Pandora (Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk).

There is some kind of situation to compare with or microcosm in the former Libya situation. Various entities (organisations) and people, who should know a lot better, deal making with this nexus.

I was on a NAPAC Facebook page (by the way I seperate NAPAC on Facebook from NAPAC the organisation who are quite different) and saw this; “if I’ve been abused then is there a danger that I could become an abuser?” … There was no mention of what actually DOES make people into child abusers; Prozac and similar drugs, while on another thread they were singing the praises of those drugs on a NAPAC channel ! This on a page with an inspirational message at the top about how “victims don’t know how much power they really have”. So where is that power because I did no see it here, in fact quite the opposite. If anyone starts speaking that power and truth explicitly, just like Martin Luther King; truth, justice and God (you might listen to some of his speeches sometime), then, as I saw here when I posted a few things, I was shouted down using some rather clever political correctness tactics. By the way, yes I have compared myself to Martin Luther King. It is not an egotistical comparison, although some ego here may be helpful. Once you discover Truth and God you KNOW it. Sadly you also find out how many people have very little of their own access to the Divine.

On that channel I noticed offensive political correct rhetoric of “its just your truth or your reality”, blah blah blah. Can we thank some parts of the New Age for this ? This effectively negates any kind of fact checking or research and is Group Think or even Cult behavior because everything is just “someone’s opinion”. This EVEN when I actually gave some kind of reference or link. These are people who say “you can get the facts to say anything”, or “you can find any book to confirm what you are looking for”. If this were the case then we would not have universities of some of the better types of scientific research.

How far do the arms of the “mental health” Borg Group Mind go ? Is it just MindFreedom ? Look at the “psychiatric” (possibly Satanic) research out there which is heavily skewed towards suggesting that anyone abused from early childhood WILL develop a “mental illness”. Is this the NAZI’s or the Fascists revenge ? After the fall of Hitler in his bunker in 1945 something appeared to carry right on with its plan of trying corrupting EVERYTHING. Actually trying to destroy a lot with the Atom bomb in the Cold War. Necro’s (Necrophilia, as defined by Eric Fromm in The Heart of Man: Its Genius for Good and Evil) ! As portrayed in Diesel’s film (watch it ! he lays all this out on the table) who come in and try and create their dead planets adding them to their underverse collection. Well, they failed with their Cold War plan. A lot of people like me saw to that. But what has been left over is their “plan B”, another “cold war” though the use of these drugs which have an alarmingly familiar rhetoric surrounding them; like the rhetoric surrounding worship of destructive power that used to surround the Atom bomb (vis’a’vis Planet of the Apes) ? This is exactly what I see and hear when I notice many people’s attitudes towards these drugs. A Cold War “Mutually Assured Destruction” mentality. The supposed threat of “mental illness Communism” is obviously so terrifying to these people that destroying it and everything else in order to take it out is a very real option on the table for those kind of people.

In this atmosphere of Group Think leading to the pinnacle of the absurd, niches are left for these Child Abusers and Satanists to operate. Remove this Group Think and add some Truth, clarity and the Divine (Peace and Harmony) and those little niches are no more. No more Child Abusers. No more Satanists.


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