Fixing Chrome Browser Touch Screen Lagging on Samsung Tab 3 7″ (may also apply to to other devices)

Just fixed this so, strictly, this is still under investigation and testing. I can’t take any responsibility for changing these Google Chrome “experiment” settings. Google shows the relevant warning on their “flags” page …


Now, after you’ve read the warning, use this address to go the relevant setting on that page …


You will see … “Delegated Renderer (AKA Ubercompositor) .If enabled the renderer delegates compositing to the browser, merging both compositing passes.”. Enable it and restart. You should now have smooth scrolling.

If this fix is not consistent then another possible setting is chrome://flags/#impl-side-painting which may even provide some more acceleration especially on multi-core CPU devices. But I have not messed with that setting yet as I want to see how stable the “delegated-renderer” setting is first.

Happy 2014 touch screen surfing !

UPDATE: Left the above because, apparently, this works for other devices. The “Ubercompositor” (great name ;P) is a developing feature for Chrome that hopefully Google will get fixed and released soon. Sadly, at the moment, it does not work quite correctly on my device. This seems to happen when multiple tabs are open. With multiple tabs, pages eventually refuse to display. So it’s back to the built in “Internet” browser provided with my device which does do silky smooth high frame rate scrolling. As it should be. Especially on a 1.2ghz 2 core 1gig memory device. Weirdly, the in built browser is based on Chrome so I can only assume that Samsung have optimised it themselves. I prefer Google Chrome because its a bit more advanced than the built in browser.

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