X Rebirth and Terrence Mckenna’s Omega Point


Man has lived a long time the way he has lived [violently and unconsciously]. By the end of this century, a critical quantum leap is possible. Either man will die in a third world war or man will take a jump and will become a new man. Before that happens, a great Buddhafield is needed—a field where we can create the future.—Osho


How can I say this ?


Finitribe said it best in their release “forevergreen” …

People used to dream about the future. They thought there was no limit to progress. They dreamed of a clean, bright future, where science would make everything possible, and everybody better off. But somewhere along the line that future got cancelled.



“Time’s up” (Riddick).


Terrence McKenna (deoxy.org page) has been right all along despite the “atheists” decrying his “nonsense”. He predicted what he described as an “Omega Point” …

“Change more radical by magnitudes than anything that has gone before looms immediately ahead.”—Terence McKenna

His outlook was firmly grounded in a cultural movement that started around 2000 years ago, and an enormous knowledge of science, art and religion. The Gnostics were obsessed with comparing different Religions, Spiritual traditions and cultures. They foresaw the cultural Diaspora that we are now seeing develop today. It’s totally mind boggling and a bit of a shock (although I hope a good one) to anyone emerging from the cynicism and “realpolitik” of the twentieth century. The barriers are coming down between Religion, Culture, Science and Art … as Terrence McKenna predicted, although his pronouncements were much more like informed projections.



But what do I MEAN ? I hear blog readers saying.




One example is this damn game. X Rebirth. Look at the art direction in it. It has a lot of Manga themes that go right back to Akira from the 1980’s. Also notice the styling has an alarming (in a good way) relationship to current real life design of something like the latest Range Rover, the Evoque Coupe


Range Rover, the Evoque Coupe

Themes like this may seem overly subtle to those not grounded in the history of art and culture. But with a bit of vision I think anyone can see the cross hybridisation that is occurring between science, art, religion and technology … and with our hopes and dreams of a future world. Not some perfect “paradise” where all our problems are solved. This is not some kind of wish fulfilment or magical thinking. This is an expression of a strong desire for FREEDOM … and that includes Earth being, what it has always been, a planet as an integral part of an alive cosmos. This is really happening. I was thinking … “what will I say to my children when they ask me … what was it like on Earth back in those times ?”. I really wonder what I will say. Will I say it was like living under the duress of a kind of blockade between human freedom and the rest of the Galaxy ? Will I describe the compartmentalisation of science, spirituality, religion, politics and so forth, that we are now seeing put in their proper relations ? I’m not sure what I will say yet. I’m only sure that I trusted the strength of my convictions and knew that a better future was approaching.













See more video’s and images of X Rebirth on the official site or Steam page.

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