2012 Shift Emergency

2013 – Timewave Zero in full effect since December 21st 2012.

Terrence McKenna was right.

Break the blockade and find out who you REALLY are.


NEWSEUM – Today’s Front Pages … I put this link at the top because it is such a spectacular example of the information war aspects of this shift. So much is kept from us by the corporate media or cultural trances, but here you can check the front pages on any date, in any country … no more myopic drivel “targeted” at advertising and marketing determined “readerships” !

Actually 2012 is just a convenient label. The Maya shift goes from ~1989 to 2050.

Most of this shift thing is actually very positive. Movement of reductionist/materialism into a more holistic, caring world.

However, counter-intuitively, as things become less restrictive there is a window for people’s repressed anger, petty jealousies (or not so petty sometimes) and even ugly desires like revenge and hate to come to the surface. This is understandable, as for much of the lifetimes of most people alive today, they have been subjected to a ruthless and very brutal system based purely on the pursuit of money, drugs, oil and power. It’s no wonder a few people are upset. But this is where the qualities of tolerance and forgiving thy neighbour come into use. We should feel pity for those who have subjected people to all this suffering. May God have mercy on their souls. It’s time to concentrate on helping the world move on. Take people’s anger seriously. They have a right to be angry. But show them the world that is waiting for us if we can get beyond this stage. A world where the Earth is part of a Galactic community. There is life out there. There is GOOD out there.

Probably most important at the moment of this shift is staying well informed. Don’t rely on the mainstream media alone. They are corporate owned and won’t tell you everything or will skew the story. Creative internet searches can help, but be prepared to do a lot of filtering and checking. Youtube and Twitter plus Facebook can be helpful. The “#” based searches on Twitter are very revealing. Often more important than the content of news is the mood of people in general. Reading the signs and using intuition. Of course accuracy of information is important but an old internet acronym comes to mind …


Wisdom <–> Intelligence <–> Knowledge <–> Information <–> Data

You can’t just fill your mind with information and data. There has to be a filtering process and the application of intelligence and eventually wisdom. You are in control ! Trust your feelings and instincts and you should be well prepared for most events.

Here are some information sources I use. They fit me, but may not be the best for everyone.

Arab revolt / protestors

Use Twitter # (hash) tags. Put in Twitter search box.

o #Libya
o #Iraq
o #Kuwait
o #Oman
o #Arabrevolt
o #Egypt
o #Saudi
o #Bahrain
o #Algeria
o #Yemen
o #Iran
o #feb17


NEW (28/05/12) http://syrianrevolutiondigest.blogspot.co.uk/

Syrian National Council

Syrian National Council Wikipedia Article





http://english.aljazeera.net/ – Check especially their live blogs.

http://blogs.aljazeera.net/live/africa/libya-live-blog-march-14 – latest blog linked at top.




http://blogs.aljazeera.net/live/asia/disaster-japan-march-14 – latest blog linked at top.

Syrian National Council

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