I’m a Changin’ Brother

( Desmond … on “the other side” , Lost Season 3, Episode 4 )

I made an anti-war post not along ago. I think my heart was in the right place, but my target was really me I suspect. I’ve been listening to the Phil Hendrie show from the USA. Now, Phil is a bit difficult to explain to the uninitiated, especially if you’ve never really set foot outside the UK (intellectually as well as physically). Let’s put it this way, if you haven’t done some livin’ then you might be confused. If you think “political correctness” is a good thing then you’re just going to end up punching your speakers in.

Maybe telling part of my life history is in order here. In 1992 I had a tragedy in my life that, for a while, infected my reasoning. I found myself going on this crazy, mad cosmic trip that included thinking that objects on Mars were put there by extraterrestrial intelligences. I started listening to the Art Bell show and actually believing some of the “Guests” on there (of course, without doing any of the background checks I should have been doing). All fine and dandy maybe. Maybe I was just working through my anguish in my own peculiar way. Unfortunately I ran across a con man in the process. The very dangerous and to be avoided Mr Richard C Hoagland. I bought his book, I was taken in by his ideas. His followers started grooming me. I was being taken in by a Cult ! But then, somehow I ran across the Phil Hendrie show (at least, as it used to be back then). I found myself literally almost rupturing intestines, rolling on the floor at his wicked radio sketches that revealed Art Bell (actually he’s less harmless) and especially YOU KNOW WHO as the doddering old maniacs that they really are. Phil saved me. It’s true ! Thankyou Phil !

I could have suffered a fate worse than death. I was heading into “the darkside”. That place where there are no minds. No critical analysis is allowed, and if you bother someone with the facts then you are “right wing”, or “pro war”, or “a Nazi”. No, it’s those people who are Nazi’s, or at least heading in that direction I’m afraid. But, of course I thought I was on “the good side”, that Bush and Blair were an NWO plot to enslave us all. The whole world was against me, and there were plenty of people willing to tell me that I was joining the Angels.

I still have my differences with Bush, Blair and whoever else, always will have. That’s the way it should be. But I think Bush is doing his job as US President. Tony Blair was acting on what the intelligence services were telling him. I was just listening to a couple of intellectuals on BBC Radio 4. Apparently the “Mission Accomplished” speech he did on board that ship .. “haunts him” (and don’t know how you’d know such a thing about this man). Apparently we are “learning the lessons that the Roman Empire learnt”. Esqueeze me ? When I last checked the Roman Empire subjugated Europe. Crucified people and entertained their people with daily slaughters in the Arena. To make such a comparison while soldiers fight on in Afghanistan to protect us from people who have bombed and maimed in our cities just seems so unhinged from reality I wonder who those people are. Or do I ? Because I was in that place just over a year and a half ago. Look back in my blog. You will find the same flawed conspiracy theory that some (actually I think they are a minority) are blasting around waiting for any poor schmuck, too confused to know the difference, to pick up on. Maybe I shouldn’t make the comparison. Afterall people are driven by a whole constellation of things, but I think there are comminalities. We’re all human. But when I was believing these strange philosophies, I was was messed up in all sorts of ways. That’s why Phil Hendrie and his ilk are so important. They don’t “attack” people, they get through to people with what I believe to be one of the most potent forces on our side … humour.

DJ Barney

3 thoughts on “I’m a Changin’ Brother

  1. Genius ? No he’s NOT ! We can all see what he sees, pure and simple. No need to strain your brain cells, no effort required… DON’T YOU GET IT ! aHHHHHRrrr!

    OK … I’ll calm down now. Thanks for the comment :D

    DJ Barney

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