Diag Gnosis 2012

This was my original diagnosis and I seem not to be too far off.

The chemical, intellectual and emotional poisons are creating a disruption within consciousness itself. We are strange beings. Mind IS the Universe, the Universe IS MIND. Everything is conscious. This disruption is augmented by various Siddhi manifestations that appear to be unhinged electromagnetic energies. Electromagnetic energies (Chi, Force) should be channeled through DNA and the DNA/Electric expression as the DNA helix that is the Caduceus around and through the human body.

The denial about this situation can only happen when there is a denial that the natural and “New Age” is wrong or simply does not exist. Denial of homeopathy, or energy healing or simply that Science has NOT discovered everything is arrogant, and while we do that we are being damaged by the very things that we deny exist. Denying a thing does not automatically make it not exist. Do you see what I mean ? We’re just painting ourselves into a corner while there is a DEEPLY dangerous situation going on here.

I regard it to be as serious as nuclear war. Many of the chemicals and drugs can be compared to megaton weapons directed at biology and CONSCIOUS ENERGY. Are we in danger of destroying ourselves ? Well, I don’t think this is the Cold War anymore. We are not in the twentieth century. There at least appears to be a change or shift in the cosmos going on. Anyone with senses can FEEL that I believe. The diagnosis would seem to suggest a treatment of concentrating on and REMEMBERING the reality of this situation. Remembering that we are all part of the a web of life that extends out into space and beyond. We are on the verge now of discovering life on other planets. Do we really want to fuck things up now while on the verge of that EXTRAORDINARY development ? I don’t think so.

Don’t give into despair.

The extraordinary is possible.

Wake up and LIVE.


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