2012 ain’t happening, everyone go back to sleep

You people are just mad. Maybe you can teach me your mind jujitsu that lets you ignore this huge galactic super wave going off at the moment. The Maya have been trying to warn us, not that many are listening or are even awake. Their point is simply that the Sun effects consciousness on a fundamental level. That is scooted into the “mysticism” corner while research by Scientists like the Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky goes ignored. He discovered basically the same thing as the Maya.

He analyzed sunspot records (and approximated records), comparing them to riots, revolutions, battles and war in Russia and seventy-one other countries for the period 500 BCE to 1922 CE. (A process known as historiometry.) He found that a significant percent of what he classified as the most important historical events involving large numbers of people occurred around sunspot maximum [..] In a 1971 book Dewey described the “four components” of Chizhevsky’s eleven year cycle and their approximate lengths: 1) a three year period of minimum activity characterized by passivity and autocratic rule; 2) a two year period during which masses begin to organize under new leaders and one theme; 3) a three year period of maximum excitability, revolution and war; 4) a three year period of gradual decrease in excitability until the masses are apathetic. […] In 1992 Arcady A. Putilov, a researcher in Animal and Human Physiology ,[9] published a paper empirically testing Chizhevsky hypothesis analyzing events described in Soviet historical handbooks. Putilov found that the frequency and “polarity” of events, including revolution, is the highest in the years of the solar cycle maximum and the lowest in the year before the minimum.[10] In 1996 professor of psychology Suitbert Ertel (University of Goettingen) corroborated a “substantial” relationship between solar activity and revolutionary behavior through statistical analysis of a “Master Index of Violence from Below” (MIVE) for the period 1700-1985 CE.[11]

Quoted from Alexander Chizhevsky Wikipedia page.

By the way, for his hard work, he spent 8 years in a gulag as punishment from Stalin for discovering that.

Why is the world so quiet about the biggest event in the last few millennia to hit Earthside ?

How do we know that we are not being manipulated in some way at this time … who knows what could take advantage of humanity at this time when we might be distracted ? There are other intelligences out there … but many have decided that they “know” that there aren’t. THEY have decided what is real and what isn’t to the detriment of us all.


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