Psychiatric Drugs Actually CAUSE Psychiatric Disorders

Houston we have a problem. What is it about the therapeutic industries ? Take for example the International Society for the Study of Dissosociation. All I see are a load of “professionals” buying into a big lie. Try going to their conference and telling them that their research is being used to control people. Psychiatric Drugs create Psychiatric Disorders. Trauma and Dissociation have become cash cows for the Pharmaceutical Industries. It’s like trying to tell someone they live in the Matrix for craps sake ! I wonder if it’s a spiritual problem I’m wrestling with ? Many people are caught in incredibly low levels of awareness without even knowing it. It leaves them wide open to “group think” and programming and manipulation from many sources. They lack a spiritual immune system. That means a badly arranged energy system as well. So going up to them and mouthing off about things like the title of this blog post is useless. The only option is to raise general levels of consciousness until the bogeyman is revealed for what it really is. A real threat and not something that can be shuffled off into the “conspiracy theory” department never to be seen again.

The Psychiatric Drugs ? For those who have ears to hear and eye’s to see (yes, third eye’s as well) I discovered this on a popular “how it works” site. - Schizophrenia

I’ve known this for 9 years now. Possibly a lot longer if I include my drugging as a child. Even as that child I knew something was horribly wrong with the “health system” that I was supposed to be trusting. I’ve talked about the connection to some people and they appear to be totally blind to it. Yet there it is. Displayed for all the world to see on

Learning from PCP?
Because of the remarkable similarities between the effects of phencyclidine (PCP, or “angel dust”) and the symptoms of schizophrenia, scientists believe that both have to do with an imbalance of the same neurotransmitter, glutamate. For this reason, scientists are now hopeful that drugs that affect the amount of glutamate will prove effective .
This “remarkable similarity” is nothing knew. All these damn nasty drugs do the same thing, if it’s interfering with neurotransmitter receptors in neurons by damaging them, or just causing plain old cheerful neurological damage (hey! do you feel better yet?), not to mention all the “side effects” damaging various organs and metabolism. There is a link between the abuses in our society, the resulting trauma, and dissociation. What are we doing to help those people ? In the chemical (old world view) world, not much. In fact that world view actually drugs people with drugs that … wait for it … creates more dissociation ! From the drugs to ECT and on to various other “therapies” in order to create a “cured” person. However this person has been so divided from their own history and pain that they are barely human anymore. I know ! It was done to me and I had to fight to get back my humanity.
“Liberate pain !”, Public Enemy
We created a world where this kind of Science was welcomed in unquestioned. Now this world is changing. That kind of Science will fall by the wayside. The ethical and moral problems have led to enormous numbers of people damaged by the old world view (millions). There are some criminally insane people in the so called “caring” professions and Pharmaceutical companies. I know I’ve met some of them. But many others simply have not known any other world. Clairvoyance and so called “paranormal” events have been excluded to them. They don’t know that the exotic effects that DNA have been measured to be creating like electrical and gravity effects. There is an entire world view and science that was simply wiped off the board to many people into the “pseudoscience” bin. That was what the old world view did – divided the sacred from everything. Consciousness became  a “phenomenon” that could not be found outside of the skull. Now the new world view (and some would argue very ancient) is restoring consciousness as an inherent aspect of matter and the universe. A feature of it much like hydrogen, electricity , atoms, or frequencies.
To someone (like me) abused by the old world view my country looks much like Libya but with the abuses hidden under words like “care” and “peer reviewed journals”. However we live in mysterious times. Far from violence what we need is an outreach project to the people seemingly trapped in the old world view. I see a polarisation of those becoming “enlightened” into the new world view and those who are deemed to be “unreachable” when it comes to informing them of the massive changes going on. It is true that you can only lead a horse to water … but are we leading enough horses to that water ? Maybe more people should give a few hints when they can for those who can hear and as many people as possible can escape the horrible nightmares that the tail end of a dying world view created.

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